Two days ago,Leaders of action teams from all cities across the country gathered together,Team leaders who are close to the water element form an expedition to go deep into the heart of Lop Nur Lake,Buck the trend,Cross the underground sand river directly to the deep underground,Found a mysterious space。

Very wide space,Annular Abyss at the Entrance,Bottomless,The traces of artificial carving are obvious,Inlaid with strange stones,Isolate the underground sand and river water above the head。 Preliminary exploration of the inside is particularly suitable for the cultivation of supernaturalists,If you use aura recovery to describe this changing era,Then this space is a cultivation space full of […]

Passers-by looked at the teenager in front of him with jealous eyes,How much they hope their children can reach that level。

“Who recommended you!”The examiner’s old voice sounded again,This time, the voice is obviously a little excited。 Lin Yan took out a letter of recommendation from his arms and placed it beside the old man,The old man tremblingly opened the letter of recommendation,A powerful mental force directly swept his mind。 “teach!”The old man is about to […]


After hanging up the phone, Gao Deyuan felt a blank in his mind。 Wang Yufei’s sudden request made him confused。 Let’s say that this kid doesn’t understand the importance of foundation,I’m very clear,Take enough credits first,Let’s talk about the security research。 I want to say that this kid is too confident,They didn’t say that all […]

Not much cash inside,There is no certificate to confirm the owner’s information。Huge crowd,How can she return it to others??

When she closed her wallet,Vaguely see a piece of white paper exposed in the interlayer,Then carefully took out the paper,Open it,There are simple two lines written on it。 “I like you” “me too” Because of the vintage,The paper is slightly yellowed,The handwriting is also a little fuzzy,But even so,The rough outline is still clearly visible。 […]


First518chapter No reason Huajing Suburb,The physical model monitor built by Shanhai Net.Inside the prison,At this time there is a flood of people。 This prison.Prison is based on actual prison.The prison is built one by one,It was done at the beginning《Gift in Room 7》after that,No longer use。 But before《Gift in Room 7》When it’s hot,Many people found […]

“Then,What do you think?”

“Thoughts?Oh Huo,I don’t have any thoughts,That is the simplest record in my career,It’s no big deal to be broken。” “Michael,Some people say Xu Xuan will surpass you to become the strongest player in history,Do you think this is possible?” “Ah!I think it’s too early to discuss these at this time,but,You say the best player in […]


Less than five o’clock,Qin Xiaomi is here,But it’s not a supercar,But a black MercedesSUV。 Lin Dong is smoking on the roadside outside the villa area,The car stopped beside him。 “Handsome guy,Learned to smoke!” Car window down,Qin Xiaomi smiled and looked at Lin Dong。 Lin Dong throws away the cigarette,Pull the car door,Sit in the co-pilot […]

This release of the pigeons is too obvious,‘’Atton!‘’A familiar voice came from behind。

Chen Tong turned his head to take a look:‘’It’s Chen Tong!‘’She and Chen Mo came here side by side,A tall and burly,A slender handsome,The young men on the wine table turned their heads,Cast your eyes on them! ———— Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 40 ‘’Can you two show up?‘’Chen Tong said sourly,After the dishes […]

So from64Strong game start,There are many people who continue to enter pending。

Let alone it’s here now32Strong entry16Strong。 But this harsh,Did not cause dissatisfaction among the audience。 Because they knew,This group of singers cannot be measured by the standards of singing lovers,They should have higher requirements。 Secondly, the judges are strict,Best sing a few more,And listen to two more wonderful songs,How cool? It’s the last time I […]

The current situation completely overlaps with the precious memory in the memory,I’m so excited,Could it be that I have a chance to play with my ex-girlfriend again?

I came to the dormitory of classmate Li Wei with a sense of anxiety,Is there such a thing,Will be verified immediately。 Our apartment is newly built,We are among the first households,The school allocates beds according to the time of admission,So our classmates are scattered in several apartments,Per apartment3Dormitory,Per dormitory4Beds,Fortunately, people who live in the same […]