Others don’t understand,Why now,Ye Xuan would say something like this。

But not long,They saw a Porsche,Come quickly。 Now,Accompanied by this Porsche arrived。 Other people think of what Ye Xuan said before。 Could it be that,Is Ye Xuan a rich young man?? Now words,The more these people think, the more they feel,Such a thing,It’s really overwhelming many people to come。 Even if they were prepared before,But […]

Wen Keren is a little panicked,“I know what it says。You just said,Commute me,You do,I will write the contents of the suicide note,Tell you all,Never leave a word。”

“The suicide note is out of your hands。”Baby Ou stand up,Directly crushed the biscuit in my hand,“You gave the suicide note to those people.” Wen Keren wants to stand up too,But locked,Held down again,She quickly said,“They forced me!!” “Is not.they do not。”Baby Ou looks down at Wen Keren,“As a person,I think,There must be a bottom […]

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“You said you want a tutor for your child?”

Shen Fang said:“Yes,what happened?Her test results were not satisfactory,I went to the teacher,If the teacher says nothing, please ask her for a tutor?” “What’s wrong?How bad is she?”Peng Changyi’s voice is higher。 “The teacher didn’t say anything,Anyway, the last two exams were not satisfactory。I also want to ask her for a tutor,Several children in their […]

Qin Liang only asked a serious sentence,Immediately began to be rude again……

“OK,I just don’t have time to find someone,Brother-in-law, just marry me,Remember to prepare the money first,correct,Brother-in-law,How much money are you going to send me?” Meizi replied nonchalantly,Of course she knew Qin Liang was talking nonsense,That’s why she dared to talk so much,If Qin Liang is telling the truth,Then she would never answer like that。 “I […]


Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo also expressed their attitude together…… “The battlefield is bound to die,Whether it’s us or you,All the same!As long as it is on the battlefield,Then each of us has to face death directly,So I really don’t want to one day in the future,I won’t see which of you。” Yang Zhi continued […]

Xie Yun shook his head,“If it’s because of this,Xie Yingmao doesn’t have such a big face。His eye,Is for Xie Yingsheng,It’s gone。It was messy,My grandpa was almost beaten to death,Xie Yingmao blocked him。Although I personally think this is a coincidence,But facts are also facts,Xie Yingmao blocked it for my grandpa。This kindness,Always remember。”

Turned out to be like this,Baby Ou frowned,“That’s not easy.”Whether you want to protect Xie Yingsheng from the bottom of your heart,Xie Yingmao’s kindness,Xie Yingsheng has to bear it。Still brother.“If your grandpa doesn’t care about Xie Yingmao,,I’m probably going to be stabbed in the backbone。Your family of cultural undertakings,Clean reputation is more important。Now they are […]

Liu Xiaoyun’s sharp answer,So she doesn’t know how to fight back。

“how about it?Sister-in-law,We have reached an agreement so happily。” Nima!Liu Xiaoyun has changed her name to sister-in-law! Actually, Liu Rushi is really not so exaggerated。But definitely not small,It should be said and Chen Hao,Yang Shiyun,Shen Ruoxi……They are the same。 “you!I do not accept!” Liu Rushi felt that she was about to collapse!The age in front […]

“she was……She told me;If someone wants to take me away,Just let me follow,She said that others would eat a lot of delicious food for me,And buy me a lot of fun toys。”

。Nine Heavens God Emperor ———— Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety three You really don’t understand Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety three You really don’t understand The little girl replied again。 Now Du Xiaoyan can be sure;The so-called aunt,I deliberately took this little girl out and threw it away! “Aunt,Can’t you let […]