“Rouge,I will introduce you to it.。”Said to call Yi and the sage to talk to the front:“This is Yi and Xianren,Kendo eight segment masters,It is the intelligence department of my long pool.,I have http://www.yxage.cn time to learn the sword with him in the future.。”

“Yes!teacher!”Blue blushing sees that Rui Wei’s micro expression makes her perfunctory。 “Rouge!Please take care!”Yi and Xian people said, “Long Pool Mansion is a person,What happened in the future?,I can help it in the case of non-violation of the rules of the agent headquarters.。” “Sage,You are familiar with you here.,If the Director Wang is coming back, […]

Zhou Wei nodded,Also shake your head,Laugh,“Can sense fluctuations in some of the same phase……”Speech,Her eyebrows are bright,It seems a group of flames are beating。

“Brother,The fire is amazing,I have now I feel that I have,Not far from nearby……”really。 Next hundred miles,Zhou Wei discovered five six kinds of extremely cherished。 Including a drop of fist sizes,A piece of yellow http://www.qmxsg.cn jade,And a thousand years……These foreign treasures,Some are extremely hidden,Some surfaces look,Is an ordinary thing。 Shenpu mainland,Big people,Even until today,There are […]

The elder stood up suddenly,He threw the tea cup far http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn away,Smashed to pieces with a snap,“Surnamed gold,I bear you,It’s not because you’re so good at talking nonsense,But on the occasion of the immediate battle,I don’t want to make trouble。”

“speak nicely,Why did you throw the old teacup again??”Looking at the back of the long distance,Elder Jin muttered to himself,While packing tea set,See if it’s early,He is also going to Jugi Peak,Since I went to follow the robbery,Also have some awareness of being a robber。 …… In the Great Tent of the Chinese Army in […]


Li Haiying shouted:“I’m the one in the third room!” Li http://www.ruitongdai.cn Tianran has eight regular wives,The so-called Sanfang is the offspring of Li Tianran’s third wife。 And Li Haiying is the first person with the highest combat power in the three rooms。 “Yes!” Five or six people are Qi Qi and Li Haiying flying up […]

Zhu Minglang glanced at Luo Shaoyan,I glanced at the little queen Jingyu, who was dressed like a schoolgirl,A look of helplessness。

“So sister Jingyu,Your royal court master is secretly protecting you,Worthy http://www.allxin.cn of being the little queen of Xiayu,Even if there are masters around the microservice private visit,Will not appear in the sight of ordinary people。”Luo Shaoyan said。 “I didn’t bring a master,Not what you said,Can you protect me,So I threw off my guard and sneaked […]

More people appear under the labell,Also rushed up。

“Everyone is careful,Summer is abolished,But there is definitely high-risk,if not,How can he have a waste?。” “Not a terrible,We are coming to travel,Even if the master can’t explain it?。” Some people continue to rush up。 Summer cold staring at the most in front of,The scorpion is like a blade。 For these people,have nothing to say,Only one […]

Is this your strength??Science

Shi Xin is more and more able to experience the world of the half-wild teacher.,The wonderful,Wonderful。 There will be more and more players in the future, there will be on the stage of the world.。 Can you give birth to the world of these chessists,How is anything that people are not inward?? A stroke harder,Waist,He […]

In fact, in the summer heart has been faintly。

But he can’t affirm,Still inquiries。 “I and ask you,Do you think the ancients is stupid??” Black women’s eyes are full of strange,“In their eyes,凡 级 是 举 举 投 投 投 投 存 投 投 足 投 翻 投,First see the cold bird,The sword is 30,000 miles,Although it is an exaggeration,But you want to think […]

Big Brother will be busy with business http://www.maylinhouseware.cn in the north.,So big and far,I am rushing to come back.。

Can only explain this thing is not simple。 I am still stupid.,Big brother care,Niu Niu definitely can’t make something big。 “Ouch!” “Four brothers,You are doing you at my door.?” Niu Niu pushed the door,The family is in the door.,Hurry and help people, “You won’t sleep overnight.?” “I just want to ask what happened.?” Xu, I […]

In advance‘Look’At the other side’s appearance。

More coincident,This person’s consciousness lifted his head and looked at the crown.。 Although it is night,But one of his eyes flashed red。 I also saw the summer。 It is rushing!this moment。 This moment。 This moment。 Summer movements have not been thoughts。 The whole person is pulling。 Legs。 Each feet are weard with more than 1,000 […]