Two days ago,Leaders of action teams from all cities across the country gathered together,Team leaders who are close to the water element form an expedition to go deep into the heart of Lop Nur Lake,Buck the trend,Cross the underground sand river directly to the deep underground,Found a mysterious space。

Very wide space,Annular Abyss at the Entrance,Bottomless,The traces of artificial carving are obvious,Inlaid with strange stones,Isolate the underground sand and river water above the head。
Preliminary exploration of the inside is particularly suitable for the cultivation of supernaturalists,If you use aura recovery to describe this changing era,Then this space is a cultivation space full of spiritual energy,No matter what kind of supernatural beings can practice in it。
First126chapter:Abyss Space(Continued)
There are many grottoes around the abyss,There are hundreds of them,But not deep,It’s like a training venue specially designed for disciples in a certain cultivating school。
News back to the ground,Then there are various types of ability leaders to form a group into the bottom of the lake,Explore the abyss。
And the instructors brought by the team leaders from each city,Hundreds of them were selected to come to this abyss space first to try to cultivate,Great effect,Only then can hundreds of newcomers enter the lake today。
But how many people can challenge and succeed,Thus became the first batch of newcomers to enter the abyss space to practice,It depends on their personal ability。
Helicopter hovering at low altitude,Sometimes instructors jump into the water,Pick up newcomers who can’t bear the pressure of the whirlpool,And more newcomers have no choice but to give up this trial opportunity,They can’t even get close to the outer vortex,Convolved,Not to mention the inner vortex circle formed by the thick water column that gradually stabilizes the gushing state in the center。
Xu Wan is here。
Although she is good,Awakening powers are even rarer,Ning Beizhi personally accepted her as a disciple,Amazing progress during this time,But facing a series of large and small vortexes,She can do nothing。
Regret free,Can’t help but look back,Li Hongyan, who swims with her to the lake center area, has broken through the outer whirlpool,Is challenging the inner vortex。If she can challenge successfully,Will get the opportunity to enter the abyss space trial。And she is like Xu Yu,Not a power person who is close to the water element。
Xu Wan is a little unwilling,Somewhat helpless,But no way。
Back to shore,Hao Heng, who failed in the same attempt, came and said:“Nothing to be disappointed,I just asked Instructor Zhao,He said that a few days instructor Xia can take us in to practice,This piece was originally our trial area in Jiangning Province,We have the privilege。”