“Chase?Prince Akatsuki?”

Bibi Dong looked cold,The horror has completely erupted。
Ghost Ju and Two Douluo didn’t even resist,Directly on both knees,Unable to move。
“You are so bold,Who asked you to besie Prince Xiao??”
“Layout for so many years,Almost broke in your hands。”
“If the Heaven Dou Empire breaks down,How many soul masters are willing to attack their own country?”
The scepter completely shatters the ground,The impact of the spread blows the two Title Douluo away。
“Pope’s crown,This is a direct order from the worship hall。”
“Signed personally by the great priest.”
Ghost Douluo grabs the pillar,I finally stabilized my figure。
The chrysanthemum pass was blown to the wall。
If seen by outsiders,The elders of Wuhun Hall who are above all look like this。
I will be scared to pee my pants.