Gu Qiao was startled,I don’t seem to have heard Lu Ban say that she looks like his relatives。

“Like who?” Lu Ban’s eyes are narrow,Said:“Like my mother’s daughter-in-law。” “……” Gu Qiao thinks Lu Ban is really naive。 But somewhat sweet。 It’s a pity that this sweetness has just begun to sprout,Was interrupted by Lu Ban’s phone ringtone。 Ban Lu feels even more pity。 Because he hasn’t received the system prompt to increase his […]

Cavaliers Half,Near the restricted area,TTFeel my body sink,Tucker, who is half shorter than him, has leaped and took off to his head。

Tucker played very smartly,inTTWhen he pounced on defense,A seemingly clumsy but very effective turn around and go straight to the basket to score。 “Tucker is really good,I am admiring him more and more,Can defend,Can score,Although the ball is not good,Organizational skills are also lacking,But such small moves from time to time, layups and outside three-pointers […]

He also knows that Xu Xuan has been exhausted and the lamp is dead,But the problem is that it won’t work if you look at him,But can continue to help the team on the field.

Budenholzer didn’t expect Xu Xuan to act,But he felt that no matter what the reason,Eagles must take measures! I can’t watch being turned over? Budenholzer looked at Xu Xuan’s direction,Snorted coldly, “Don’t blame others!I can only blame you for a bad life!” . Double-teamed. Xu Xuan’s face unchanged,But I let out a sigh of relief。 […]

Because of his over-reliance on talent,Did not polish their skills。

Xu Xuan knows very well,So he knows the importance of skills。 After obtaining these talents,Except for the boring training day after day,He gave Curry privately more than once,Give the answer or even give Nash、Old Kidd, these people called。 He wants to call Bai Qiao,But when he thought of Bai Qiao’s sorrowful operations on the field,Xu […]


I can’t figure out how he would do it to Yan,And after Yan touched Hu Liena in the past,,I can only give him a few feet…… Xu Sheng explained with a smile“It should be after killing people in the Arena of Souls,Awakened the killing intent in your martial soul,otherwise,Why do you think your martial soul […]

She just misunderstood Zhao Ming。

She just said。No matter how lustful Zhao Ming is,I won’t be interested in a soul beast that hasn’t transformed。 “if not?”Zhao Ming looked at the pretty jade in his arms,Angrily patted her buttocks。 “I thought wrong。”Xiao Wu pouted,Shy face。 “Rui Beast,Do you really have this ability?”Xiao Wu blinked big eyes。 “That is natural。I was born […]

“Beijing is like this,Some dignitaries,It’s all about pomp。”Tang Hao seemed to see the doubt in Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes,Smiled and said to him,“It has nothing to do with us anyway。”

“At the feet of the emperor,It’s really different。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and stretched。 Talking about those six AudisA8Drove straight to the airportVIPExport,When everyone around saw this posture, they all avoided,Know that the designation they received is a big man。 Then the door smashed open,A dozen men in black and seven or eight doctors and nurses,Hurriedly towardsVIPRan […]

The plane just started,There was no reason for the delay。

“so beautiful!” Lin Yu’s position,Is beside the window。 Lu Yingying, who has never taken a plane,now,See the picture outside the plane,Can’t help but appreciate it。 “It’s not the most beautiful time yet。” “Wait a while,When you hit the clouds,You will know,That is the most beautiful。” Lin Yu heard what Lu Yingying said,Open road。 “Really?” “Then […]

Coach Vogel saw Xu Xuan’s hesitation,He came over and patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder:“Play well,Don’t think this is a good thing,The person you have to face is Kobe,It’s the second position you’ve never played before,Me andCJsaid,He can better help us win the game on the bench。”

CJ·Miles came over and smiled,“Xu,I’ll give you this hard bone,It depends on you crushing this bone,I still break my teeth。” “Of course it was crushed!” Xu Xuan shook his fist heavily,Not excited。 Can start and match Kobe,I’m so excited when I think about it! Pacers and Lakers stood in the middle of the court。 Kobe […]

Wilkins seems to be back to the top in this game,Rich scoring means show off his arsenal like the Lakers。28Minute11Backboard4Assist2Steal2Superstar performance of blocked shots,Brought the No. 1 Lakers in the West to the undefeated crown。

Vernon-Maxwell22Minute,He hits4Three points。Little General and Elliott didn’t have much performance.,But this is not important to the Spurs anymore。 This game also exposed the Lakers, the first flaw in the Western Conference, to all teams.,Next schedule,How will the Lakers be targeted?? ———— Chapter Fifty Seven Take Clippers 1996year11month14day,Early morning4point,Los Angeles Toyota Center,Lakers Training Hall。 “Bang,Bang,Bang。”The rhythmic […]