Qin Liang dare not refute now,Dare not tease!Mother-in-law’s words,Always have to be right!Of course Qin Liang understands this principle very well……

“puff……You are not very savvy。”
Shen Ruoxi smiled,Then he couldn’t help but tell Qin Liang。
“I have a hasty!If I am not smart anymore,Then why am I messing up,Then you daughter-in-law, won’t I just marry for nothing?!”
Qin Liang said clearly。
“That’s right,If you can’t do anything about this,,Then you are hopeless!”
Murong Shan also smiled and said。
“What are you three talking about?Why can’t i understand?Come on.Say it again。”
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Chapter two thousand four hundred and eighty nine I want to go home to pull papa
Shen Ruoxue looked at Shen Ruoxi blankly,Murong Shan and Qin Liang,She is a girl who has never had a boyfriend,So involved“mother in law”Such a complicated topic,Of course she won’t understand,At least not yet understand。
“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask,When adults are talking,Kid don’t interrupt!”
Shen Ruoxi directly gave her sister“hate”Went back!
Shen Ruoxue didn’t dare to face her sister,I had to express my inner dissatisfaction in the simplest way,In protest!
“Sorry,Interrupt you,Koyuki,Have you finished buying the things you want??We can go home now?After you go back, you guys will talk slowly,Cut it,Chop,There are several knives in the kitchen at home,You can choose your own weapons as much as you like,Then even if it’s a good fight。”
Qin Liang’s urging remarks,Mainly because he accidentally discovered,There are already many customers around who are paying attention to the girls next to them.“Attention ceremony”What!There are several young men with direct and fiery eyes,Even Qin Liang felt it faintly flickering“spark”Shining!no way,The girls next to me are really eye-catching……
“Beat you up!Just explain it!”