Peng Changyi said:“Of course it is the door,Keep all the gaps under the door larger than the size of the wooden floor.,and also,The skirting involved should also be planned in advance,One thing two uses in the future,In the case of suitable floor tiles,Also suitable for wooden floors,Including color,This must be planned in advance。”

Shu Qing looked at him,Said:“How do you know everything?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Poor people’s children headed home early,Habit formation,Good observation。”
Shu Qing took his arm,Said:“I’m so lucky,I found a husband who knows everything。”
“That is,I am definitely better than the little white face of your provincial party committee。”
Shu Qing smiled,Scratched his face,Said:“It’s really not praised——”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m going to the province for a meeting tomorrow,Pay attention to your safety at home alone。”
“You go to the province for a meeting?”Shu Qing asked。
“Can i go with you?I still have some things to do。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“Row,But I might not care about you at noon。”
“It’s ok,I don’t need you,The research room always expects me to go back,They said they haven’t practiced it seriously for me,And those from the Provincial Party School。”
Peng Changyi said:“I will leave early tomorrow,I asked to report this afternoon,I hate you two,I just waited until tomorrow morning。If you know you come with me,I’m afraid we’ll be staying in the provincial hotel。”
Shu Qing complained:“It depends on you,Who told you not to tell me in advance。”
“I’m so busy,Forgot。”
in fact,Peng Changyi did not forget,Because Shu Qing told him,Said that if he goes to the province for a meeting,,Go back with him by the way,But Peng Changyi has a selfish mind,That’s because he couldn’t let go of Chen Jing,I didn’t understand Chen Jing’s situation for a day,He has no peace in his heart for a day。This time Shu Qing said to go back to the province with her,He has no reason to reject her,Promised her。