Just after he walked out of the building,The pager rang,He took a look,It’s the phone number of Jiang Fan’s office,Can’t help but smile,He and Jiang Fan are really in a good spirit!Thought of here,He walked to the guardhouse at the gate,I dialed the number in Jiang Fan’s house。

“Changyi,I won’t come in and sit for a while。”Jiang Fan’s voice is a bit tired and hoarse。
“I think you just finished the meeting,Must be tired,Did not bother。”Peng Changyi said。
“Ok,Come and sit down。”Talking,Put down the phone。
Peng Changyi had to go back again,Met many people off work,He said hello one by one,Came to Jiang Fan’s office。
Jiang Fan is standing in the room,Hands on the waist,Spinning slowly。
“Drove for a long time?”Peng Changyi asked。
“Ok。”Jiang Fan beats his waist,Walk to the desk,Take out a small paper box from the drawer,Pass it to Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi took a look,Grinned open,Said:“Han Xian,beautiful!”After opening,Looked at and said:“I heard that mobile phones with digital signals are also out now,Please continue to beg you next time!”
Jiang Fan is drinking water,Almost didn’t spray out,Said:“You are a lion。”
“Haha,Is your mouth open??”Peng Changyi said。
“I don’t worry about the phone,You Beicheng District has made an appointment with the Telecom Bureau,Go with Zhu Guoqing。The development of Kangzhou communications is still lagging behind,I talked about it at the meeting today,Communication lag,Seriously affect investment promotion。So in the second half of the year, I plan to catch the communication。All townships must go to the program-controlled exchange,Live call,Urban areas first popularize analog signal coverage,Then there is the digital communication business。”
“We can’t compare with Beijing。”Peng Changyi said。