Not much cash inside,There is no certificate to confirm the owner’s information。Huge crowd,How can she return it to others??

When she closed her wallet,Vaguely see a piece of white paper exposed in the interlayer,Then carefully took out the paper,Open it,There are simple two lines written on it。 “I like you” “me too” Because of the vintage,The paper is slightly yellowed,The handwriting is also a little fuzzy,But even so,The rough outline is still clearly visible。 […]

She just misunderstood Zhao Ming。

She just said。No matter how lustful Zhao Ming is,I won’t be interested in a soul beast that hasn’t transformed。 “if not?”Zhao Ming looked at the pretty jade in his arms,Angrily patted her buttocks。 “I thought wrong。”Xiao Wu pouted,Shy face。 “Rui Beast,Do you really have this ability?”Xiao Wu blinked big eyes。 “That is natural。I was born […]

After hearing Shikamaru’s guess,,Naruto’s expression is also solemn:“So.correct,Where is Sasuke?”

Naruto decided to let Sasuke complete this task。 “I have taken the eagle team out of the village to investigate Datong Mokpo style。” “Ugh?Why don’t I know this kind of thing。” “Because I’m afraid you are making excuses to keep him in the village,That’s why I didn’t say hello to you。” “It looks like,This task […]

“Brother-in-law,You have slept for nine hours,Haha。”

Shen Ruoxue cried happily。 “I have a hasty,Why do I feel I didn’t sleep at all?This time is passing too fast, right。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “If you haven’t got enough sleep,You just sleep for a while。” Liu Xiaoyun said softly,Because of Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun didn’t say much。 “Forget it,Since I’m awake,I don’t sleep anymore,Still […]

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“You said you want a tutor for your child?”

Shen Fang said:“Yes,what happened?Her test results were not satisfactory,I went to the teacher,If the teacher says nothing, please ask her for a tutor?” “What’s wrong?How bad is she?”Peng Changyi’s voice is higher。 “The teacher didn’t say anything,Anyway, the last two exams were not satisfactory。I also want to ask her for a tutor,Several children in their […]

Wang Honggang walked to the warehouse gate,The old housekeeper stopped walking with knowledge and interest,Report to him softly。

Today is the trading time agreed by Wang Hong and Li Gan。 Although most of this world is for evening banquets,But the main purpose of the other party,It still depends on the color of the whole body nail sample,So it’s more appropriate to switch to noon。 Li Gan sends someone to say hello early,Is to […]

Liu Shao frowned,The hands in the trouser pockets have been pinched together,My heart is full of anger,This woman is actually speaking for that kid,To favor each other。

“You should know my mind,I don’t allow you to be with other men。” “Ha ha!”Mengdie’s disdainful look,“Master Liu,I have already said,It doesn’t fit between us,So don’t waste time with me,not to mention,Is it not easy for your Liu family to find a daughter-in-law??” got rejected? I saw a big joke around,The dignified Young Master Liu,Was […]

[Can children eat steak]_ impact _ harm

锘? [Can children eat steak]_ impact _ harm Steak is a gourmet food brought by the West, and now it has become one of the important choices for dinner and date. The essence of beef steak, beef ribs, beef back and other parts of the steak, the meat is delicious and chewy. Steaks are divided […]

Nengke (603859) 2019 Interim Report Review: Q2 cash flow is positive, intelligent manufacturing drives long-term growth

Nengke (603859) 2019 Interim Report Review: Q2 cash flow is positive, intelligent manufacturing drives long-term growth Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report: Report integration to achieve revenue 2.9.9 billion yuan increased by 82%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 31.81 million yuan increased by 158.1%; the net profit attributable to […]