After hanging up the phone, Gao Deyuan felt a blank in his mind。 Wang Yufei’s sudden request made him confused。 Let’s say that this kid doesn’t understand the importance of foundation,I’m very clear,Take enough credits first,Let’s talk about the security research。 I want to say that this kid is too confident,They didn’t say that all […]

“**,Old yuan,Don’t get excited,No, let’s postpone this matter temporarily,Wait for Mo Xiaosheng to observe for a while,After making sure he is fine,Say again!”

Shui Dongwei smiled round the field,Remember the last time he tested Mo Xiaosheng,The performance of Mo Xiaosheng’s failure,Shui Dongwei is not particularly trustworthy of Mo Xiaosheng,Decide to observe and observe。 “Old water,How long have we been observing Mo Xiaosheng?” Hu Fan suddenly became anxious,“Whether it’s from Heyang or Beijing,Mo Xiaosheng has never done anything that […]

I’m afraid Jaina’s first reaction was to send a magic light to Chromie’s face.,Instead of listening to her voice。

So a wonderful Xie(trap)meet unexpectedly(trap)Becomes the best option。 In Antonidas’ private library,Authorized magic apprentices in twos and threes are reading the archmage’s collection.。 Dalaran has its own library open to the outside world,But in this age when knowledge is not cheap,The private collection of the archmages is also a great tool to attract apprentices。 Jaina […]

“Let’s not talk about anything else,But this matter,It’s totally necessary to get it done as soon as possible!”

When Ye Xuan looked at him,Ye Xuan said very directly。 ———— Chapter 72 Is It All Right? now,Lin Sichen has got the news。 But now,Lin Sichen looked in front of him subconsciously,The whole person’s brows are slightly frowned。 “what,Is this all right?” obviously,Lin Sichen didn’t expect this at all。 but,When Lin Sichen saw this,Lin Sichen […]

Wen Keren is a little panicked,“I know what it says。You just said,Commute me,You do,I will write the contents of the suicide note,Tell you all,Never leave a word。”

“The suicide note is out of your hands。”Baby Ou stand up,Directly crushed the biscuit in my hand,“You gave the suicide note to those people.” Wen Keren wants to stand up too,But locked,Held down again,She quickly said,“They forced me!!” “Is not.they do not。”Baby Ou looks down at Wen Keren,“As a person,I think,There must be a bottom […]

Wu Guanqi said:“Why didn’t you go to bed at noon?I won’t let you drink,I won’t let you go to class,It seems you have nothing to do except sleep。”

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“Today special,Received a professor with the monitor at noon,Ate dinner with the professor,Chatted for a while,After returning to the dormitory,Wash,Lie down for a few minutes,Did not fall asleep,Class starts。” Wu Guanqi saw that he didn’t say it like a fake,Just said:“it is good,You take a break,I’ll wake you up after entering […]

Zhao Shaojiu stood up and looked back,That figure is……Is the father?

unbelievable,Zhao Shaojiu covers her mouth,Tears flowed down:“father,father,Why are you here,I miss you so much,I really miss you。” “be good,Zhao Shaojiu,Dad miss you too,fast,Let me hug you。” Call of relatives,More important than anything,In Zhao Shaojiu’s ears,In the heart,In my mind are the happy days of her childhood。 those years,Father often takes her on the swing,They ride […]

Wu Yutai’s first batch of West Lake Longjing tea was launched for sale at the same price as last year

WuYutai’sfirstbatchofWestLakeLongjingteawaslaunchedforsaleatthesamepriceaslastyear OnMarch19th,WuYutai’sfirstbatchofWestLakeLongjingteawaslaunchedforsale.Sauna,Yewanglearnedthattheretailpriceofthisbatchofteawas8800yuanpercatty,whichwasthesameaslastyear.Affectedbytheepidemicsituation,themainproblemfacedbyteapickingthisyearbeforeMingDynastywasthedifficultyinemploymentandconversion.WuYutaibegantocontactthepickingworkersamonthago.TherelevantpersoninchargeofWuYutaisaid:”AsearlyasthesixthdayoftheChineseNewYear,westartedtofindmanpowerfortheteaexploitationinMingqian.Althoughtheepidemichascausedanearly20%increaseinlaborcosts,WuYutaiwillnotincreasetheprice.TheretailpriceofthefirstbatchofWestLakeLongjingteathisyearisstill8800yuan/kg,whichisthesameaslastyear.”Itisunderstoodthatinordertoensurethesafetyoftea,allteapickersmustholdthe”HangzhouHealthCode”greencodetoparticipateinspringteapicking.Beforeenteringtheteagarden,theymustwearmasks,washtheirhands,checkthebodytemperature,andexecutethe”onepersonpackageblockchain””,Theworkingintervalis2meters.Teamakingandpackagingmastersmustalsopassstrictscreening,disinfection,andprotectionbeforetheycangotowork.ThereasonwhyWestLakeLongjingteawasfavoredbeforetheMingdynastywasmainlybecausethegrowthofteahadstrictrequirementsongeographicalenvironmentandclimaticconditions.ThetrueMinghuWestLakeLongjingteamustcomefromthe168-square-kilometerprotectedareadelineatedbytheHangzhouMunicipalGovernment.Amongthem,thebestqualityteasin”ShifengMountain,LongjingVillage,Yunqi,Hupao,Meijiawu”.RelevantpersoninchargeofWuYutaisaidthattheWuqinWestLakeLongjingteasoldbyWuYutaiallcamefromLongjingVillage,WengjiaMountainandotherplacesintheShifengMountainsofthefirst-levelprotectedarea.EachpoundofWestLakeLongjingneedstousetensofthousandsofteabuds.Afterthefreshleavesarepicked,theyarecarefullymadethroughtenprocessessuchasgreening,greenpot,andHuipot.Sauna,YewangOuyangXiaojuanPhotosourceImagecourtesyeditorLiYanproofreadingLiXiangling