Nine in the morning,Two base officers pushed the door and walked into Qin Liang’s ward。Just this time,Shen Ruoxi took Murong’s key to replace Murong Shan。

Seeing the two officers approaching suddenly opening the door,Qin Liang’s heart was instantly on his throat! “Qin Liang,How are your injuries?The two of us were ordered by the general,Specially to visit you。” The two officers were talking,One side put some of the consolation items he brought on the table in the ward。 Qin Liang wanted […]

“lie!Lie to face!”

Qin Liang knew Xiaodie would never tell him,But he wanted to deliberately ask,That’s fun。 “Let me feed you……” Fluttershy said in a trance,This question has already been mentioned,So obviously she is absent-minded now。 “You are almost no one……” Qin Liang shook his head helplessly and said,Usually in this state,It’s no use telling her anything,Because she […]

Yanzi hesitated,When Qin Liang looked at him, the expression in his eyes seemed unkind.,Immediately refused!She guessed that Qin Liang’s saying that he wanted to teach his kung fu was just an excuse,Want to take the opportunity to be with myself“affectionate”Is his real purpose!This guy now only has the opportunity to be alone with himself,Never let me go,No matter what, I have to be affectionate with myself for a while.!

———— Chapter two thousand five hundred and twenty eight You bullied me ? Remember one second【Book fan building .org】,Wonderful free reading without popups! Chapter two thousand five hundred and twenty eight You bullied me But he was not like this before!Why has it become like this now??Could it really be that he was compared,Has grown […]

Had it not been for Heihe Polaris’s central defender Lu Ming appeared in time on Hu Lai’s shooting route,And struggling to block it,This ball can really threaten Polaris’ goal。

Lu Ming suffered from Hu Lai last season,He got a penalty。So he paid special attention to Hu Lai in this game,So when Hu Lai came forward in time,He can react immediately。 “Damn!Pity!”Anton TV’s commentator holds his head in his hands。 Shen Lang applauded for Polaris defender Lu Ming:“A key defense!If Lu Ming’s attention is not […]

Nana says:“Grandma told me,You can remarry。”

Peng Changyi said with a smile:“is possible to,But think about it,After remarriage,We are still the same as before,Noisy every day,That way,You are not at ease in school,You have to persuade us every day,and also,There is a saying that goes well,Easy to change,Hard to move,Although we have gone through the process of divorce,But their tempers and […]

Qiangzi asked very seriously。

“Hard to say……But I don’t think our big ones are worthy of Flower Fairy。” Marin finished,I glanced nervously at the direction of the bathroom,It seems to be afraid that Yang Zhi will come out suddenly。 “nonsense,Then you say,But again,I don’t think anyone is worthy of Flower Fairy,And that little witch Liu Xiaoyun too,More beautiful,I’m about […]

Bai Tao smiled brilliantly,At that moment,Everyone suddenly thought he was actually handsome。Bai Tao doesn’t know,Those words he just said,Let Shen’s sisters including Qin Liang,The collective goodwill towards him has greatly increased!

And Liu Xiaoyun was even more touched,But she restrained her feelings,It didn’t show up in front of everyone.。 “do you know?You and Susu are the only two guests we took home。” Shen Ruoxue added another sentence。 “really?That really gives me and Susu too much face!Thank you ladies,Thank you Long brother,Thanks my boss。” Bai Tao seems […]

Liu Shao frowned,The hands in the trouser pockets have been pinched together,My heart is full of anger,This woman is actually speaking for that kid,To favor each other。

“You should know my mind,I don’t allow you to be with other men。” “Ha ha!”Mengdie’s disdainful look,“Master Liu,I have already said,It doesn’t fit between us,So don’t waste time with me,not to mention,Is it not easy for your Liu family to find a daughter-in-law??” got rejected? I saw a big joke around,The dignified Young Master Liu,Was […]

More than ten days ago,Kangzhou held an investment promotion meeting in Beijing,The China Merchants Association was prepared by the Beijing Office。It is the duty of the TV station to vigorously promote。one day,Zhong Mingyi called Wen Qingxuan,Wen Qingxuan should report on the invitation to the higher-level media,After the report,Zhong Mingyi asked Wen Qingxuan to accompany him to Beijing,Also listened to the report on the preparations for the meeting made by the director of the Beijing Office.

When eating at noon,With a pretty girl,This girl is no one else,It is Yajuan。Director of Beijing Office said,“Let our ambassador accompany the two leaders to dinner。” Wen Qingxuan doesn’t know,Zhong Mingyi told the director of the Beijing Office:“Can you introduce the Wen Bureau?。” The director of the Beijing Office said:“Wen Ju,This is our ambassador Xing […]

Peng Changyi said:“of course,But only tonight,Past this village,No more shop,And also to ensure that the wine is not fully awake,If it’s past tonight,My wine woke up,I may answer your question again,While I’m still drunk,I will answer whatever you ask。”He said,Head on the sofa,Closed eyes。

Shu Qing gradually wakes up,She opened her eyes wide,Looking at Peng Changyi,Said:“It turns out that everything you do is made by wine?” Listen to what Shu Qing said,Peng Changyi-Ji Ling,He realized the seriousness of the problem,Sit up in a hurry,Seriously:“Is not,Everything i did to you,It’s all from the heart,Actions and things in the mind are […]