“Yeah,Princess Yun’s hands are getting tender,Feels so comfortable。”

Qin Liang firmly grasped Liu Xiaoyun’s two small hands,Started to molest her。 “Brother-in-law,Visible upstairs,Aren’t you afraid of death?” Liu Xiaoyun pretended to be calm,In fact, she knew very well;It’s so late,Upstairs you can’t see where there is no light downstairs,Even she was standing in the yard just now,Not very far from the garden,I can’t see […]

Qin Liang dare not refute now,Dare not tease!Mother-in-law’s words,Always have to be right!Of course Qin Liang understands this principle very well……

“puff……You are not very savvy。” Shen Ruoxi smiled,Then he couldn’t help but tell Qin Liang。 “I have a hasty!If I am not smart anymore,Then why am I messing up,Then you daughter-in-law, won’t I just marry for nothing?!” Qin Liang said clearly。 “That’s right,If you can’t do anything about this,,Then you are hopeless!” Murong Shan also […]

Shen Ruoxue whispered in a very embarrassing voice……

“Sorry everyone,My junior sister and I are on a whim at night,Learned Kung Fu here,Excuse me, take a break,sorry!Let’s say goodbye,Everyone hurry up and go to rest。” Yang Zhi hurriedly said something to the people around,Then she pulled Shen Ruoxue and ran away,I kept running into the building of the inpatient department before standing up […]

“This guy won’t be angry with me anymore?”

Looking at Qin Liang’s back,Murong Shan asked Shen Ruoxi in an awkward voice。 “Absolutely not!Do not worry,I dare to guarantee this,He’s not so careful,As long as it is a beautiful girl,He always tolerates,Accommodating。” Shen Ruoxi smiled and said,In fact, she was not sure in her heart,But since Murongshan asked,She can’t help but answer,And I can’t […]