“Let’s not talk about anything else,But this matter,It’s totally necessary to get it done as soon as possible!”

When Ye Xuan looked at him,Ye Xuan said very directly。 ———— Chapter 72 Is It All Right? now,Lin Sichen has got the news。 But now,Lin Sichen looked in front of him subconsciously,The whole person’s brows are slightly frowned。 “what,Is this all right?” obviously,Lin Sichen didn’t expect this at all。 but,When Lin Sichen saw this,Lin Sichen […]

Just after he walked out of the building,The pager rang,He took a look,It’s the phone number of Jiang Fan’s office,Can’t help but smile,He and Jiang Fan are really in a good spirit!Thought of here,He walked to the guardhouse at the gate,I dialed the number in Jiang Fan’s house。

“Changyi,I won’t come in and sit for a while。”Jiang Fan’s voice is a bit tired and hoarse。 “I think you just finished the meeting,Must be tired,Did not bother。”Peng Changyi said。 “Ok,Come and sit down。”Talking,Put down the phone。 Peng Changyi had to go back again,Met many people off work,He said hello one by one,Came to Jiang […]

“of course it’s true!Could I make up this to lie to you?If you don’t believe me, ask my mom if it’s true。”

Yanzi’s nonchalant answer。 “Yes,I really picked your Aunt Yanzi from the trash can,This is not a joke。” Du Xiaoyan said with a wry smile。 “But Yuer,Do you see anyone in our family looked down on me??” Swallow asked again。 “No……” Xiao Yuer shook her head and said。 “Yes,So you too,If you are afraid of being […]

Only then did Peng Changyi realize that what he said made Shen Fang angry,He quickly turned around,Chong Shen Fang Zuoyi,Said:“Sorry,forget it。”

Shen Fang stared and said:“You already said,How can you be like you?” See Peng Changyi,I’m going to get into a fight soon,I hurried to accompany the smiling face,Nodded and said:“Sorry,Just as i fart,Alright,I don’t pay attention,Annoyed you,I apologize。” “Hee hee。”Maybe my father’s actions are too exaggerated,Nana next to her secretly laughed。 Peng Changyi realized that […]

“mom,She did it right,We can’t ask for this money。”Guan Hao said holding Xiaoxia upstairs。

Yang Xue said:“Old man,See it,Kids don’t want。I see you again15Ten thousand,As a grandson’s education fund,One for one grandson,Or Xiaoxia wouldn’t want it,How come they get married。” Guan Zhengfang’s eyes lit up,Said:“Row,I will withdraw the money tomorrow。” at night,The baby sleeping between the father and mother is very excited,He sat up and looked at Dad several […]

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Do you want to tell everyone individually?? Song Min started to hesitate。Thanks to Zhuang Sheng,She has no friends now,Except for Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang who was added later,Then parents。And the parents,She hasn’t contacted them for a long time,Because she never wanted to let her parents know her current miserable situation。She really doesn’t want her […]


Qin Liang can’t bear it anymore,Finally laughed happily!Today is the first time he wins Liu Xiaoyun,Of course he has reason to be happy!This victory was really not easy!Never won before, the key is! “Very happy, right??” Liu Xiaoyun saw Qin Liang’s triumphant look,Can’t bear it again! “Yep,Very happy!Very happy!I’m so proud!” Qin Liang nodded repeatedly。 […]

Ling Mofeng’s unabashed answer。

“Oh,You mean;Qin Liang took you badly, right??Row,I’ll teach him a lesson for you in a while,Ask him why he broke Ling Mofeng,Why not teach him,Teach him to be glib。” Shen Ruoxi said quietly。 “do not!That one……Miss Ruoxi,I’m wrong,Don’t tell that guy,That guy was always thinking about finding excuses to fix me,If you talk to him […]

What the girls will see next,Is the largest mammal on land;Elephant out。

When I first saw this huge behemoth,Liu Xiaoyun,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin’s expressions are shocked and awed,The two elephants that happened to be shown outside today,Or the two biggest elephants in the zoo,So these three girls who have never seen an elephant,Are completely stunned by these two behemoths。 “Hey!Wake up!Hey,Haha……” Seeing Liu Xiaoyun and the […]

Qin Liang started to talk about it。

The girls are already laughing。 “Brother-in-law,You bully my sister,I throw you down the lake to feed the sharks。” Shen Ruoxue stepped forward to defend her sister。 “It’s no use for you to throw me down,I don’t take a bath once a year,The shark ran away as soon as it smelled me,They are only interested in […]