Peng Changyi said:“I am from Pengjiawu,Last name Peng,what happened?”

One of the children said:“Why don’t i know you,Where is your home?” Peng Changyi had a brainstorm,Said:“This is my land。” The kid said:“I do not believe,This is my house,How come to your family?” “Oh,That’s what I remembered wrong,Can your family get some more?rest assured,I won’t tell you parents。You go,I am responsible for baking for you,and […]

“According to my guess,Master might want to try……His ability,I want to know if he is qualified to be our dealer’s son-in-law。”

Ade told his own speculations truthfully。In fact, Ade has thought about it many times,Because he has been with Xiaodie,So he doesn’t know about Qin Liang and Zhuang Sheng,So this guess is what he can think of,The most reasonable answer。 “Oh?Do you think this is the reason?” Xiaodie asked with surprise and joy!The anger in her […]

“Brother-in-law,You have slept for nine hours,Haha。”

Shen Ruoxue cried happily。 “I have a hasty,Why do I feel I didn’t sleep at all?This time is passing too fast, right。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “If you haven’t got enough sleep,You just sleep for a while。” Liu Xiaoyun said softly,Because of Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun didn’t say much。 “Forget it,Since I’m awake,I don’t sleep anymore,Still […]

“I can chat with the Shen’s sisters,That is my luck,Thank you。”

Director Peng once again said something polite,Then I deliberately found the best“remote”Sit down,His two assistants stood honestly in the corner of the private room,For both of them,It’s already a great happiness to stand by and watch the Shen’s sisters like this!Because the younger,The more I admire a girl like Shen’s sister,Not only is the war […]

Liu Xiaoyun,plum,Li Qiao’er, Li Yaxin and others watched together,I saw Shen Ruoxi standing beside Qin Liang not far away,Murong Shan and Yang Shiyun!

“……” No one speaks!Shen Ruoxue actually called the three big sisters“Those three women”All,You can see how irritated she is,But the problem is no matter how annoyed she is,Liu Xiaoyun and others can’t join her in the fun!That’s Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan and Yang Shiyun! “I’m so angry!” Shen Ruoxue is still talking to herself with a […]