Xu Yi looking for rough,Heard what Lin Yu said,Frown,Turning to look at the rough stone in Lin Yu’s hand。

Because what Lin Yu said just now,Xu Yi heard it too。 only,Just take a look,Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head。 Second-class rough stone,Actually said that ice seeds can be opened。 There are only people who do not know how to do it,That’s why I think so。 Knowledgeable person,Know without guessing,This rough stone,It’s impossible to […]

A professional filming and interview team is easy to find,The key is that it’s hard to find a host who has such a good relationship with Shen Huan。

So Shanhai.com wanted to dig Wang Zhen over。 As long as she agrees,In addition to salary,and also1000Million cash check,And those treatments,She just mentioned。 Even after Shen HuanNBARetired,Wang Zhen’s work contract is useful,Then she went to be the assistant of Cui Zhong, vice president of Shanhai.com,Just be responsible for communicating with Shen Huan。 This job,Compared to […]

I looked at the map,A sorrow in my heart,Who can do it!Does this map make sense!A river,Where can I find the river,Ugh!

I have no choice but to bite the bullet and walk! Still the smell of rotten branches and leaves,Still feel hypoxia,I still feel the water in my body is slowly passing away,I still see sweat base on my clothes,But slowly got used to it!I still have to solve the stomach problem,I just walked looking for […]

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. stops manufacturing chips,Means something you can’t ask for nowp45It will be harder to buy in the future。

Originally, everyone was still complaining about whether China was hungry marketing,Should have expectedp45It will be hot,Still reluctant to sell。 But after the news came out,Countless cannot be ordered onlinep45’S pollen suddenly thought that he had noticed the problem。 It seems we can’t blame Weihua,The chip supply was stuck,It’s hard for a clever woman to cook […]

“**,Old yuan,Don’t get excited,No, let’s postpone this matter temporarily,Wait for Mo Xiaosheng to observe for a while,After making sure he is fine,Say again!”

Shui Dongwei smiled round the field,Remember the last time he tested Mo Xiaosheng,The performance of Mo Xiaosheng’s failure,Shui Dongwei is not particularly trustworthy of Mo Xiaosheng,Decide to observe and observe。 “Old water,How long have we been observing Mo Xiaosheng?” Hu Fan suddenly became anxious,“Whether it’s from Heyang or Beijing,Mo Xiaosheng has never done anything that […]

“system,Is the seal ready??There should be no problem now。”Zhao Ming took a deep breath,Lightly。

“no problem,Host, feel free to absorb it。” “it is good。”Zhao Ming nodded,Look at the right metacarpal bone of the dark golden horrorclaw bear,No hesitation,Motivate the soul。In an instant, this right metacarpal bone melted under his spirit power.,It turned into a puddle of dark golden liquid slowly seeping into his right hand。 Although most of the […]

She has always been generous,I have never hurt anyone,But for the inhuman scum of Luo family,She thinks no matter how vicious it is,Not too much。

“you……How do you talk!You rebellious!Is going to thunder and thunder!”Luo Shangjie angrily said。 “Correct,I’m so rebellious!If God has eyes,It’s your Luo family who thundered!” Luo Yilin left a cold sentence,Then ignored him again,Turned away。 “Yilin,Yilin,Did you listen to Sanshu,Sanshu has been very good to you since he was young……Okay……not bad……Correct,At least it’s not bad for […]

grandfather,I can’t do anything to myself,Anyway they just said,Let yourself come,But I didn’t say I’m not allowed to wait。

“You worry too much!No man dislikes women,Especially a beautiful woman like you。” Heard what my sister said,Zhong Yuankai responded。 And while Zhong Yuankai was speaking,Hotel door,Also pushed away at this moment。 “Manager Zhao,You came!” Seeing Zhao Long walking out from the door,Zhong Yuankai quickly stepped forward to greet。 As for Lin Yu next to Zhao […]

3700More than ten thousand turnover,The overall gross profit margin is12%,But it is450Million gross profit。

Except for taxes and other expenses,Can finally fall into your hands,Maybe only300Nothing more。 but300Wan is also terrible,After a month,Isn’t it a net profit?9000Ten thousand!? although9000Wanbi compared to Zhang’s 300100 million fortune is nothing,But this is the final closing time! If you usually operate,Lost rent and labor, etc.,Would have to be hundreds of millions。 Then there […]

That will seriously affect her future。

Hesitated for a long time,After all, I still did not choose to forward。 “His career has been greatly affected now,In the future, I will give him some substantial compensation elsewhere.……” She thought so。 but,Will it really compensate in the future?? She’s not so sure anymore。 After Fang Hao’s plastic surgery was revealed,,Fang Hao’s image was […]