There is a void inside,Standard things for the traverser。

The most painful thing is ten times the cultivation speed,He can’t even meditate,Double the hammer。 “Roar~” Roaring in the jungle,Should be a liger beast。 Tang Chen was interrupted thinking,I just wanted to improve the food opportunity。 Just test it,How powerful is Shenshu Wuhun?。 ———— 003 Test the power of Wuhun! Tang Chen quickly ran towards […]

331 Do you agree with me?Mr. Stephen(1200Monthly pass plus)

Quick selection at the question stage。 Both players seriously avoided the planet that had been selected just now,Replaced by two new planets。 Of course, this still has no trouble for Wang Yufei。 In fact, after seeing two planets rotating in various nebulae,Three trajectories have been generated in Wang Yufei’s brain。 But Wang Yufei still stood […]

Gu San said after a few seconds:“What are you here today?Ms. Yang seems to think highly of you。”

Lu Shanshan said:“Miss Yang is fine,She thinks i can try,So let me come。” Gu San said:“She should be annoying me,That’s why you gave me。You young people don’t like filming my scenes,I’m very tired from filming。” Lu Shanshan responded:“Nothing,I am young,Should exercise more。Do not,Even if i am old,I will also work,As long as there is a […]

“This is just a global endorsement contract。”Ensek Road,“These clothing brands like to make some joint models,We still retain the rights in this respect,If you want to open a joint name in the future,That’s another contract!I believe this day will definitely not be too far!”

“For your good words!” Shen Huan smiled and raised the cup again。 Ensek’s efficiency is indeed very high。 Only a few days now,Already talked about a world-class brand。 Burberry clothes,There are several items in Shen Huan’s closet,All school.Flowers bought for him。 The clothing of this brand is very recognizable,Also very popular with the British,It is […]

“Look at yourself,16Under one year old,Saw a beautiful little boy,Don’t humiliate it,I’m ashamed for you。”

“Not full16What’s wrong?Some students in our class have had an abortion!I haven’t been in love yet,Already belongs to the national protection animal, okay?” Tang Xiaodie said disapprovingly。 Shan Rou wants to curse,But thinking about my university tuition fees are paid by an old man 30 years older than her,Suddenly there was some guilty conscience。 Still […]

“Hey,Enough for you guy,I did so much in the locker room just now,Still now.Aren’t you tired?”

I heard the helpless words of pickled pepper,Xu Xuan stared at him,After doing a set of push-ups quickly again,Get up from the ground numbly:“PG,What are you talking about,I’m tired now I’m dying.” Pickled peppers:“.” It’s not like making up nonsense? But he doesn’t want to argue with Xu Xuan either,Because he always loses。 He patted […]

Two days ago,Leaders of action teams from all cities across the country gathered together,Team leaders who are close to the water element form an expedition to go deep into the heart of Lop Nur Lake,Buck the trend,Cross the underground sand river directly to the deep underground,Found a mysterious space。

Very wide space,Annular Abyss at the Entrance,Bottomless,The traces of artificial carving are obvious,Inlaid with strange stones,Isolate the underground sand and river water above the head。 Preliminary exploration of the inside is particularly suitable for the cultivation of supernaturalists,If you use aura recovery to describe this changing era,Then this space is a cultivation space full of […]

Passers-by looked at the teenager in front of him with jealous eyes,How much they hope their children can reach that level。

“Who recommended you!”The examiner’s old voice sounded again,This time, the voice is obviously a little excited。 Lin Yan took out a letter of recommendation from his arms and placed it beside the old man,The old man tremblingly opened the letter of recommendation,A powerful mental force directly swept his mind。 “teach!”The old man is about to […]


After hanging up the phone, Gao Deyuan felt a blank in his mind。 Wang Yufei’s sudden request made him confused。 Let’s say that this kid doesn’t understand the importance of foundation,I’m very clear,Take enough credits first,Let’s talk about the security research。 I want to say that this kid is too confident,They didn’t say that all […]

Not much cash inside,There is no certificate to confirm the owner’s information。Huge crowd,How can she return it to others??

When she closed her wallet,Vaguely see a piece of white paper exposed in the interlayer,Then carefully took out the paper,Open it,There are simple two lines written on it。 “I like you” “me too” Because of the vintage,The paper is slightly yellowed,The handwriting is also a little fuzzy,But even so,The rough outline is still clearly visible。 […]