Chapter three thousand seven hundred and twenty two go together

Chapter three thousand seven hundred and twenty two go together
Qin Liang Zhenzheng raised his own objection。
“Yes……So I didn’t want to understand,Xiner hasn’t changed at all,Maybe she is a special exception。”
Li Qiao’er was helpless to justify her words。
Li Yaxin seems to want to defend herself,But just opened his mouth and said one“I”After the word,There is no more news,It seems that Qin Liang wants to completely transform her,There should be a difficult and tortuous process。
“It’s ok,Water drop,Xin’er will always be infected。”
Qin Liang deliberately said nonchalantly。
“Is it the way i am now,It has already made you all start to feel disgusted?”
Li Yaxin finally asked anxiously。
“That’s definitely not!You think too much!It’s just that you have so few words that make us all feel distressed and……I’m sorry,Nothing else。”
Qin Liang hurriedly explained。
“Distressed and upset”,Qin Liang’s wording is still very suitable and acceptable to Li Yaxin,It’s just that Li Yaxin can’t figure it out:Why did Qin Liang suddenly start to struggle with his own speech?……
Qin Liang didn’t intend to tackle this problem at first,It just happened to be this issue when I had nothing to say,So I pushed the boat along the river,Played by the question,Not prepared,I’m going to make a fuss on this issue。
Actually everyone has their own personality,Outgoing,Introvert,That’s not a problem,If Li Yaxin just wants to keep her consistent style,There won’t be any problems,Love to talk,Whether you like to join in the fun is not a question of quality or morality,Change if you want,Don’t want to change,No one has to force her。
Qin Liang’s original intention and starting point in this matter is good,But it would not have to impose her will on Li Yaxin,Just like before, Shen Ruoxi and others had to force Liu Xiaoyun to transform into“Little lady”when,Qin Liang didn’t agree with it in his heart,So he wanted to change Li Yaxin’s idea,More than half is just a whim,It’s a sudden interest,Can’t pass three or two days,He is just like that……
“Actually, I think there is nothing wrong with Xin’er being so quiet,If every girl in the family was chirping and chatting like me and Xiaoxue all day long,The excitement is excitement,But it’s enough for the master and the older sisters。”