Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo also expressed their attitude together……
“The battlefield is bound to die,Whether it’s us or you,All the same!As long as it is on the battlefield,Then each of us has to face death directly,So I really don’t want to one day in the future,I won’t see which of you。”
Yang Zhi continued to say emotionally。
The Shen family girls including Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun stopped talking,this moment,The hearts of the girls are full of touch and sentiment,Girls’ hearts are always sensitive,So when Yang Zhi and his brothers said these things,They can truly feel Yang Zhi and their true feelings,I can fully feel the heart of these brothers and sisters。
then,Shen Ruoxue’s tears fell inexplicably……
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and ninety seven They are not idiots
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and ninety seven They are not idiots
Yanzi and the three of them walked back along the same path for ten minutes.,I ran into Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi head on,Just ten minutes away,It actually means that Qin Liang and the others have“Large force”Left。
But this is already fine,As four“Ladylike”Shen Ruoxi, who was born, can always follow everyone in action,This is already quite difficult,When have these four aunts suffered such pain?!
“what happened?What’s going on ahead?”
I suddenly looked up and saw Yanzi and the others appear,The first thing Qin Liang thought of was whether there was another accident with the girls walking in front.?You know that with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,No accident is the real“accident”!