“I can chat with the Shen’s sisters,That is my luck,Thank you。”

Director Peng once again said something polite,Then I deliberately found the best“remote”Sit down,His two assistants stood honestly in the corner of the private room,For both of them,It’s already a great happiness to stand by and watch the Shen’s sisters like this!Because the younger,The more I admire a girl like Shen’s sister,Not only is the war fierce,All of them are so pretty,Much more prettier than ordinary pretty girls,And the figure is very devilish……
But except for Murong Shan who continues to talk with Director Peng,The other girls kept silent collectively,No wonder;Generally serious girls rarely take the initiative to chat with strangers of the opposite sex,Especially this strange opposite sex is a well-known figure at the level of a middle-aged uncle。
Director Peng should be content too,He chatted with Murong Shan, the queen of the entertainment industry,Next to him is a group of famous Shen family sisters sitting to accompany you,And even Shen Ruoxi and the four Shen family princesses(Murong Shan does not count)Are all present together,Yanzi and Luna, two top professional female killers, are responsible for acting“Bodyguard on duty”,What a pomp and face it must be!
If this is taken out to brag in the future,Can definitely blow for several years……
“Miss Shen,Miss Liu:By the way, the battle you fought was really beautiful!I only know that Yue Fei led the Yue Family Army at the beginning,But it’s written inside,No one knows if that’s the case,But your one hundred and three thousand are absolutely true,So you sisters of the Shen family are in the hearts of our people,Much more powerful and domineering than Yue Jiajun!The key point is that Yue Jiajun are all male,But you are a group of little girls!”
I probably also think that talking to Murong Shan alone will make the Shen sisters beside me feel embarrassed,And very rude,So Director Peng finally started to talk to Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun.。
Both Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun frowned,This big director calls himself Miss Shen,Miss Liu is fine,Why did you add a“small”Word?
“The sisters go forward together,It’s the dragon soul warriors who participated in the battle that gave up their lives,We won the battle,The credit is everyone,Not me and Xiaoxue。”
Chapter three thousand six hundred and eighty It’s all about killing
Chapter three thousand six hundred and eighty It’s all about killing
Finally, Liu Xiaoyun, the most talkative, answered,Usually in this situation,Shen Ruoxue, who usually likes to chirp and talk non-stop, refuses to speak,This kind of work is entrusted to Liu Xiaoyun。
“Take credit without being proud,Too rare!Especially two such little girls,Ugh……”
Director Peng sighed and said。
“We are not little girls anymore,We are all twenty years old。”
Shen Ruoxue unexpectedly broke in on the initiative!Obviously because she can’t listen anymore!A little girl like this,Who do you look down on??People are all big girls, okay!If you don’t believe me, look at their figure,No matter how you look at it, she won’t be a very young girl, okay!
“Under normal circumstances,Twenty-year-old is just beginning to go to college,Isn’t that a little girl??”
Director Peng continued to say seriously,He mistakenly thought that Shen Ruoxue was humble,So keep on saying that,But actually a twenty-year-old girl,It is more appropriate and accurate to say that it is a little girl,This is the common cognitive standard of the public,There is no direct connection with Shen Ruoxue’s figure,After all, living conditions have generally improved,Many girls between the ages of thirteen and fourteen are already well-developed,But you can’t treat a 13 or 14 year old girl as an adult.?The law doesn’t agree!