“Are you crazy!Why did you say it again!I can’t get through this topic today, right?!”

Song Min couldn’t laugh or cry immediately……
If Ling Mofeng knew that except Qin Liang was making do with him and Song Min,,Chen Hao also spared no effort to help him“busy”,I don’t know if I will cry or laugh。
Actually just talk about Ling Mofeng and Song Min,If Ling Mofeng has no feeling for Song Min,That’s really nonsense!Nothing else,At least Song Min’s face is displayed here!Usually men are in front of beautiful women like Song Min,There is almost no resistance,And the two are still partners at work,Get along day and night, day and night are the kind of people who bow their heads but don’t see them when they look up。
The key to the problem lies in Song Min’s“cold”And Ling Mo Feng“Inferiority”。
If I replace it with the Ling Mofeng from the previous dude,He has entangled Song Min,But he is no longer the same Ling Mofeng before,After undergoing major twists and turns in life,Ling Mofeng really has a disruptive change from the inside to the outside,Especially since he has a deep sense of inferiority。
Song Min’s conditions are better,Ling Mofeng more inferiority,This is also him“Scared”Song Min’s reason。
So even if he feels about Song Min again,He also dare not take any pursuit actions against Song Min。His past,Others can forget or not care,But he has never forgotten him.。
When he madly pursued Shen Ruoxi before,,It’s the most unscrupulous and most wanting time in his life,If you change now,He also didn’t dare to think anything about Shen Ruoxi。
One’s own mentality,Position yourself,Determines his attitude towards others。Ling Mofeng has never had such a deep understanding and understanding of himself like now。
and,He wants to maintain his self-esteem and“proud”,Although he feels he has nothing to do now“proud”Capital。People always grow up after experiencing wind and rain,Will mature,Only then will I have a clear understanding of my life。
So Ling Mofeng’s scruples actually make sense,This is why he carefully avoided topics related to Song Min!And the current Ling Mofeng is in Song Min,There is also a serious lack of self-confidence in front of Shen Ruoxi and others,Because Song Min and the others are so beautiful。
Ling Mofeng knew he was still young,The road to life in the future is still very long,But he also knew that he had to move forward carefully, step by step,Any mistakes in the future,May cause a fatal and irreparable blow to yourself,He felt that compared with his past self,Except for this life, I can still afford to lose,I can’t afford to lose anything else……
“I didn’t deliberately hold on to this topic,Isn’t this just chatting with you,Just chat casually。”
Facing Song Min’s entanglement,Chen Hao explained inconclusively。
“Talk about something else,That’s it for this topic,Stop here。”
Song Min said firmly。
“But I haven’t finished it yet……”
Chen Hao’s persistent answer。