Peng Changyi said:“I am from Pengjiawu,Last name Peng,what happened?”

One of the children said:“Why don’t i know you,Where is your home?”
Peng Changyi had a brainstorm,Said:“This is my land。”
The kid said:“I do not believe,This is my house,How come to your family?”
“Oh,That’s what I remembered wrong,Can your family get some more?rest assured,I won’t tell you parents。You go,I am responsible for baking for you,and also,See if there are any tender edamame,Also pluck a few。”
He said,Just squat down,Buried their unroasted peanuts in the fire,Until the firewood burns out,Peng Changyi said:“ready,Began to eat。”
After the fire is extinguished,Peng Changyi used a small stick to remove the ash,Pull out a black peanut from the inside,Said:“Fast food,How does it taste?”
A few kids reach out and grab peanuts,Peng Changyi just about to say“Be careful”,I saw a child who was scalded by peanuts and shakes his hands。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I teach you,such,Pull the hot peanuts onto the wet ground,Cold in a few seconds,Watch me。”He said,Just picked up a black peanut from the ground,Although the skin is already black charcoal,But after stripping,But there are white and fat kernels inside,Peng Changyi snapped down two,Delivered directly to the mouth,Said:“Too fragrant。”
He picked up another one,Peel off,Hand it to Shu Qing,Said:“delicious,Guarantee you have never eaten。”
After Shu Qing put it in her mouth,Immediately, the unique fragrance that has never been tasted came out,It’s so fresh、Soft waxy,Totally different from boiled peanuts,More different from fried and fried。She squatted down,I peeled another one myself,Stuffed in the mouth,Said:“too delicious,I have never tasted such a delicious!”
A few children saw that peanuts would soon be eaten by adults,They grabbed a few of them and ate aside。
quickly,I can’t pull a peanut out of the ash,Peng Changyi looked at Shu Qing,Say:“Didn’t you eat enough?”
Shu Qing said disappointedly:“Yes,Were snatched by them。”
Peng Changyi raised his head and said to the children:“Who of you go to pull peanuts in the field to the west,That belongs to our family。”
A few kids,Ran over like crazy,Pull back one beep。
Shu Qing said:“Is it ours?”