Liu Xiaoyun said patiently。

“and so,It’s okay to shoot me,Sentence me,I accept it willingly,No complaints,This is enough。”
“Skin monkey”Still stubborn。
“You are mad at me。”
Liu Xiaoyun said helplessly……She felt that at least this time there was no need to persuade“Skin monkey”Up,Since this smelly monkey said so,Then he won’t compromise easily……
“do not be angry,Although we just met,But i treat you as a friend,Be a confidant,I really don’t want to upset you,But I hope you can respect my own wishes,Don’t force me to do what i don’t want to do。”
“Skin monkey”Seriously,He really is different“monster”,In the case of jailed,He can still treat Liu Xiaoyun who caught him as a friend,Be a confidant,This kind of“feelings”And few people can do it。
“I didn’t want to force you,I want to save you,I think you just died like this,Or if you go to jail for many years,What a pity!”
Liu Xiaoyun said regretfully。
“thank you……”
“Skin monkey”Said with a wry smile。
“do you know?I used to be the same as you,Is a criminal!When I am about to accept the severe punishment of the law,I met an older brother and an older sister,They saved me,Gave me a new path to reform,This is where I am today!and so……Now i want to save you。”
Liu Xiaoyun said very seriously。
“why?Why are you telling me this?”
After a moment of silence,“Skin monkey”Asked carefully。
“Because I’m very accurate,I can see,Your essence is not bad,You are not a real bad guy,Just the same as me!”
“My brother and sister saved me,Gave me a new life and a new life,I can never repay them for this kindness,and so,I want to be like them,Save one worth saving,Someone who can be saved。”
Liu Xiaoyun said frankly。
“Is that why you want to save me?”