Liu Xiaoyun’s sharp answer,So she doesn’t know how to fight back。

“how about it?Sister-in-law,We have reached an agreement so happily。”
Nima!Liu Xiaoyun has changed her name to sister-in-law!
Actually, Liu Rushi is really not so exaggerated。But definitely not small,It should be said and Chen Hao,Yang Shiyun,Shen Ruoxi……They are the same。
“you!I do not accept!”
Liu Rushi felt that she was about to collapse!The age in front of me is not too big,Say small“demon”Like a girl,Was it sent by God to fix me on purpose??
The door rang,Someone came in。
Two men walked into the store and asked;“Is it open now?”
It turned out that a customer came in to eat。
“Welcome two big drivers!Please sit down,Our shop is open 24 hours,We have the best food here,The most beautiful boss,The most handsome boss,The most welcoming beauty little reception!”
Liu Xiaoyun stood up to meet up,Greet the guests warmly,Put a bunch of them without thinking“Lines”Said it!
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