“According to my guess,Master might want to try……His ability,I want to know if he is qualified to be our dealer’s son-in-law。”

Ade told his own speculations truthfully。In fact, Ade has thought about it many times,Because he has been with Xiaodie,So he doesn’t know about Qin Liang and Zhuang Sheng,So this guess is what he can think of,The most reasonable answer。
“Oh?Do you think this is the reason?”
Xiaodie asked with surprise and joy!The anger in her heart immediately dissipated a lot!What Ade said is also very reasonable,If his statement holds true,Although Dad did a bit too much,but……But if it’s to investigate your future son-in-law,Fluttershy can still“forgive”his
“Yes,This is what i can think of,The most reasonable explanation。”
Ad Yue says,The more I feel that my inference is correct……And his emotion,Also infected Fluttershy,Fluttershy is becoming more and more convinced。
“Ok,if it is like this,I will forgive you this time,But I can’t do this again next time!You protect me,Of course you have to listen to me the most,do you know?”
Fluttershy’s tone eased a lot,After all, Ade grew up with her,Childhood sweetheart,She still knows Ad’s character very well。
“Miss,You must never talk to anyone,I told you about it!otherwise,I can’t explain it to the master,I guess if he knows that I betrayed him,I told you,He will expel me from the dealer……”
Ade said with trepidation。
“Yep,Do not worry,I said it before,I will keep it secret。You treat me well,I will be nice to you too,You face me,Of course I will protect you。Moreover,Who are we?,Of course I won’t betray you in front of my dad。”
Fluttershy nodded and answered in the affirmative。
These few words of Xiaodie,Make Ad’s heart happy and sad。What’s happy is that Xiaodie still treats herself as the person she trusts most in her heart.。Sentimentally;He and Xiaodie,At most, it can only be the best friend.……
Although it is already a modern society with highly developed human civilization,But for the dealer,Ade is still just a retainer of the dealer,The relationship between him and Fluttershy,Still just a master-servant relationship,Fluttershy is his little master,This gap,Is a barrier that is absolutely impossible to overcome……
“Dad is really,Such a big thing,He didn’t say hello to me beforehand……”
On the way back to the inn,Xiaodie is still thinking about it。
“correct!Dad must be worried about telling me this in advance,I will talk to Aliang,So we will be traditional,That’s why Dad kept it secret to me!”