Passers-by looked at the teenager in front of him with jealous eyes,How much they hope their children can reach that level。

“Who recommended you!”The examiner’s old voice sounded again,This time, the voice is obviously a little excited。
Lin Yan took out a letter of recommendation from his arms and placed it beside the old man,The old man tremblingly opened the letter of recommendation,A powerful mental force directly swept his mind。
“teach!”The old man is about to kneel on the ground respectfully,Finally interrupted by Lin Yan。
“Alright,My identity is not easy to reveal!”Lin Yan said lightly。
“Yes Yes Yes,Please come in!”
Lin Yan walked into the academy under the eyes of everyone,And the people after birth showed an unwilling expression on their faces。
“Hey kid,Do you know where this is?Look at you!”At this time, after Lin Yansheng was born, there was a mockery。
Lin Yan looked coldly at a few noble students,Everyone is arrogant and domineering,They walked to Lin Yan’s figure and looked at him coldly。
“What does it mean?”Lin Yan said coldly。
“Boring,Is to teach you who you want to listen to at the Tiandou Empire Royal Academy!”
“Oh?Then tell me who to listen to?”
Contemptuous eyes leaked from the faces of several noble students,They like to bully such students the most。
“listen,From today on, you have to listen to your grandfather and Xuefeng, do you know??”
Lin Yan looked at Xuefeng in front of him coldly,He really touched his bottom line。
“how?Still not satisfied,Use your brother to help you relax。”Xuefeng shook his fist。
Before he could react, Lin Yan punched him directly in the face,In an instant, Xuefeng was beaten out directly,And Lin Yan won’t let him go,Throw him in the sky and fight wildly,The last kick hit his stomach and fell to the ground,The other children were at a loss。
“Humph,Ants!”Lin Yan snorted and turned around to leave here。
“You stop!Second spirit ability,what!”As soon as Xuefeng was about to use his second spirit ability, he found a spear in his throat and made him unable to move.,The pressure of the spear suppressed all his spirit power,Unable to perform。