Daochang Bai said with a wry smile。&1t;/p>

“Oh,It’s like this,that……that……”&1t;/p>
Meizi is still hesitating,Yang Shiyun is not here,She wants to find a backbone,There is no one who can make decisions for her。&1t;/p>
“Don’t hesitate anymore,Don’t you listen to what the master said?”&1t;/p>
Daochang Bai said dumbly。&1t;/p>
“OK then,Master Na,The apprentice offended you!Don’t be angry with me,I have to talk to you first!”&1t;/p>
Meizi said helplessly。&1t;/p>
“Yep,remember;Don’t falsify,What I want to see is your real Kung Fu level,If you want this to show me the master,Then it doesn’t make any sense,Go all out to attack me,come on。”&1t;/p>
Bai Daochang said calmly。&1t;/p>
“master,I’m coming!”&1t;/p>
Meizi knows she can only do this,So I adjusted my breathing and physical condition,Finally we greeted Daochang Bai,Then he really attacked Bai Daochang……&1t;/p>
Meizi is one of the best students in their class of police academy,When in school,She has beaten many male classmates,After graduation, he was directly recommended to the Criminal Police Brigade of Haishang City Public Security Bureau,Became Yang Shiyun’s apprentice again,Follow Yang Shiyun to participate in the detection of various major and important cases,And gangsters“Real swords and guns”Fought bravely,So her kung fu is really not imaginary,A pretty good girl。&1t;/p>