Qin Liang only asked a serious sentence,Immediately began to be rude again……

“OK,I just don’t have time to find someone,Brother-in-law, just marry me,Remember to prepare the money first,correct,Brother-in-law,How much money are you going to send me?”
Meizi replied nonchalantly,Of course she knew Qin Liang was talking nonsense,That’s why she dared to talk so much,If Qin Liang is telling the truth,Then she would never answer like that。
“I have a hasty!I said marry you out,Don’t you ask me who will marry you?But first asked me how much money I gave you!Why are you such a fan of money?!Ha ha。”
Qin Liang was amused by Meizi’s words,Since Meizi is not in a hurry to talk about the topic,Explain that it’s not a big deal,So Qin Liang felt relieved and stopped asking questions。
“no way,Poor!My little policemen and brother-in-law are incomparable with big bosses like you,Look at our house;Sister Ruoxi,Sister Shanshan,Sister Chen,And brother-in-law, you,All of them are company presidents,I guess you are going to treat guests to the money for a meal,Are worth my salary for a year,Ugh,Really can’t compare!”
Meizi grumbled deliberately。
“Haha,You said for a long time,How big am i to do,Don’t you think you earn less?,That’s not easy?Come to our company tomorrow to take up an executive position,Give you the salary of a company executive,how about it?This is still something?”
Qin Liang said triumphantly,Now he married Shen Ruoxi,So he has the right to speak the matter of Ouya Group,I dare to be so eloquent。
“Damn,There is such a good thing!”
Meizi exclaimed in disbelief on purpose。
“of course,Who made me have a beautiful sister-in-law like you?,Hehe。”
Qin Liang started again……As long as it’s a pretty girl,He speaks with such a virtue,Say serious,It’s not a good idea to talk about molesting,Anyway, it’s all kinds of rubbings,Anyway, except for Shen Ruoxue,The other sister-in-laws are not dear,Besides, even talking to Shen Ruoxue,He is also of this virtue,Let alone talking to Meizi and the others。
“Haha,Brother-in-law, you’re so good at making girls happy,But……If it’s another girl,You might be fooled by your brother-in-law,But i won’t,because I know,Brother-in-law, there are so many beautiful girls in your family!And me,Put in ordinary people,May be a little beauty,But if you put it in your house,,Then my face value is nothing at all。”
Meizi chirped a lot of things,That naughty look,It’s a far cry from her usual image in front of colleagues,Very different!If her police colleague is present at the moment,I can’t believe it;This is so cute and cute,Speaking of it, five hundred ducklings are calling the same girl at the same time,It’s their dare to fight“Little desperate Sanniang”,The apprentice of the prestigious Yang Shiyun,Mei Zi, the captain of the Criminal Police Team of Haishang City Bureau!
“Nonsense!You have always been in the Shen family,The top little girls on the top list, OK??”
Qin Liang said with a smile on his face,But,These few words of him can’t be regarded as all nonsense,Actually in the Shen family sister,There are too many beauties in the same ranking,Take the beauty of plum。There is absolutely no problem with being tied in the top few。