Lu Ban and Liu Xin stood by,Glanced at each other。

I thought it was just a kid who didn’t get used to walking the mountain,But from Lin Zhiyu’s constant coughing, I can detect it,It’s certainly not that it’s not so simple。
After a while,Lin Zhiyu slowed down,Pouting:“It’s rare to see Teacher Tan,I must go。”
“Row,Row,Listen to you this time。”
Lin Haitang said:“But only this time,Take it as an example。”
Finished,She smiled helplessly at Lu Ban and Liu Xin。
The group of four finally arrived at Yuelu Academy at the foot of Yuelu Mountain。
Lu Ban and Liu Xin just came two days ago。
Because this is the only place where Yuelu Mountain collects tickets,Plus it’s not a weekend,Not many people。
Ban Lu originally thought there would not be many people today,After all, it’s a poem conference,It’s not bad that there are dozens of scholars,But when they approached the college,Lu Ban found that there were already crowds around,Many reporters have set up their cameras to record。
Literati are so particular now?
Lu Ban sighed,I don’t know, I thought the celebrities would have a concert。
Because it’s winter。
Luban、Liu Xin and Lin Haitang are wearing hats and masks,Doesn’t appear obtrusive in the crowd,No one can recognize them in the vast crowd。