Mei Xingyun just started talking about the morning。

She wanted to call Fang Yu。 But see Fang Yu is still asleep。 Have to give up! after that,Just take them to check。 Everything is as Fang Yu expected。 Perfect。 “correct,How do you know all this by taking the pulse?” Mei Xingyun doesn’t know much about ancient medicine。 Fang Yu’s magical medical skills,Very curious。 “You […]

Wu Guanqi said:“Why didn’t you go to bed at noon?I won’t let you drink,I won’t let you go to class,It seems you have nothing to do except sleep。”

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“Today special,Received a professor with the monitor at noon,Ate dinner with the professor,Chatted for a while,After returning to the dormitory,Wash,Lie down for a few minutes,Did not fall asleep,Class starts。” Wu Guanqi saw that he didn’t say it like a fake,Just said:“it is good,You take a break,I’ll wake you up after entering […]

Qin Liang gave the order directly。

“Oh,Know the boss,Oh no,President。” It was Qin Liang’s call,Bai Qingsong replied immediately。 Ten minutes later,Sun Feifei appeared in Qin Liang’s office。 “Hehe,Fifi,You’re here,Close the door。” Qin Liang saw the beauty appear,The wolf’s tail starts to stretch out again…… Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry […]

Liu Xiaoyun said patiently。

“and so,It’s okay to shoot me,Sentence me,I accept it willingly,No complaints,This is enough。” “Skin monkey”Still stubborn。 “You are mad at me。” Liu Xiaoyun said helplessly……She felt that at least this time there was no need to persuade“Skin monkey”Up,Since this smelly monkey said so,Then he won’t compromise easily…… “do not be angry,Although we just met,But i […]

Daochang Bai said with a wry smile。&1t;/p>

“Oh,It’s like this,that……that……”&1t;/p> Meizi is still hesitating,Yang Shiyun is not here,She wants to find a backbone,There is no one who can make decisions for her。&1t;/p> “Don’t hesitate anymore,Don’t you listen to what the master said?”&1t;/p> Daochang Bai said dumbly。&1t;/p> “OK then,Master Na,The apprentice offended you!Don’t be angry with me,I have to talk to you first!”&1t;/p> […]

Chapter three thousand seven hundred and twenty two go together

Chapter three thousand seven hundred and twenty two go together Qin Liang Zhenzheng raised his own objection。 “Yes……So I didn’t want to understand,Xiner hasn’t changed at all,Maybe she is a special exception。” Li Qiao’er was helpless to justify her words。 “I……” Li Yaxin seems to want to defend herself,But just opened his mouth and said […]

Qin Liang said with a smile。

“Yep,What you said makes sense,She must change a new way of life。” Shen Ruoxi nodded in recognition and replied。 “Xiaoyun,Koyuki,You two will have to work hard again from now on,Jinger, the little sister,Need more care and love than your other sisters,Especially when it comes to self-esteem,Do you understand the meaning of what I said” Qin […]

Ding Yi said so,Jiang Fan only remembered that he came here after work,Didn’t eat dinner at all,He said:“Yes,I haven’t eaten dinner yet!What you say,I started screaming。”

“Ha ha。” “Really,If you don’t believe me, I put the microphone on my stomach,Listen。”Talking,He really put the microphone on his stomach。 As expected, Ding Yi heard from his stomach“Guru Guru”the sound of。 “Did you hear?” “Ok。Do you have something to eat?” “There will always be,At least instant noodles。” “Let’s cook it。” “Ha ha,I can only […]

Ding Yi said:“Apart from going home tomorrow, there is also something about the agreement,I won’t listen to anything else,You said it for nothing。”

Jiang Fan felt that Ding Yi knew what he wanted to say,But he still said:“I want to buy a house,May still live in the military compound……” “That’s your business。”Ding Yi said coldly。 Jiang Fan said half of his words,Was interrupted by Ding Yi,He laughed mockingly,No more。 At the door,Jiang Fan parked the car,I just wanted […]

Peng Changyi said:“Of course it is the door,Keep all the gaps under the door larger than the size of the wooden floor.,and also,The skirting involved should also be planned in advance,One thing two uses in the future,In the case of suitable floor tiles,Also suitable for wooden floors,Including color,This must be planned in advance。”

Shu Qing looked at him,Said:“How do you know everything?” Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Poor people’s children headed home early,Habit formation,Good observation。” Shu Qing took his arm,Said:“I’m so lucky,I found a husband who knows everything。” “That is,I am definitely better than the little white face of your provincial party committee。” Shu Qing smiled,Scratched his face,Said:“It’s really not praised——” […]