Mei Xingyun just started talking about the morning。

She wanted to call Fang Yu。
But see Fang Yu is still asleep。
Have to give up!
after that,Just take them to check。
Everything is as Fang Yu expected。
“correct,How do you know all this by taking the pulse?”
Mei Xingyun doesn’t know much about ancient medicine。
Fang Yu’s magical medical skills,Very curious。
“You can go to minor in ancient medicine,I won’t know by then!”
Fang Yu looked calm。
Sure eyes!
“Ancient medicine……”
Mei Xingyun hesitates。
She is more interested in western medicine。
I never considered ancient medicine before。
Fang Yu now let her learn,This really embarrassed her。
“You don’t study,I can’t explain it to you!”
Fang Yu waved his hand。