Xie Yun shook his head,“If it’s because of this,Xie Yingmao doesn’t have such a big face。His eye,Is for Xie Yingsheng,It’s gone。It was messy,My grandpa was almost beaten to death,Xie Yingmao blocked him。Although I personally think this is a coincidence,But facts are also facts,Xie Yingmao blocked it for my grandpa。This kindness,Always remember。”

Turned out to be like this,Baby Ou frowned,“That’s not easy.”Whether you want to protect Xie Yingsheng from the bottom of your heart,Xie Yingmao’s kindness,Xie Yingsheng has to bear it。Still brother.“If your grandpa doesn’t care about Xie Yingmao,,I’m probably going to be stabbed in the backbone。Your family of cultural undertakings,Clean reputation is more important。Now they are paying more and more attention to this reputation and morality,There must be a stain,But you will be grabbed。”
Xie Yunchu wry smile,But not,“To be honest,I sometimes feel that my grandpa is intentionally indulging Xie Yingmao,Deliberately nurturing his desire.But his look when facing Xie Yingmao is really much better than facing my father.This is also the reason why I am a little restrained。”
There is this kind of brain hole,Baby Ou thought for a while,“If your grandpa deliberately raised Xie Yingmao’s desire,It will definitely speed up Xie Yingmao’s self-defeating pace,But their light population is much larger than yours。Your grandfather is the only one in your family,The general branch is also the most prosperous branch of Xie Yingmao,Although it hasn’t overshadowed your skills,But in the calligraphy and painting circle,People have good reputation,Go out independently,Can also be a family.”
This is completely self-defeating,Baby Ou followed up with a brain hole,“Does Xie Yingsheng just want to be a good person,The bad guys want you to do it?He is the patriarch who loves his younger brother and takes care of his relatives,You have become an insignificant,Unfeeling selfish junior.Think about the kings in history who have a good reputation,What a dream,Why are you so helpless?,And if you don’t want to keep filial piety, you can invent something filial,I always think this last reason is curious,How could there be such a shameless emperor?”
These emperors all love names。Good things are theirs,All bad things belong to others。Even if you kill your father, kill your brother, kill your hero, kill your wife and children,Also to be a grand white lotus。
Baby Ou thinks,If the brain hole is opened,Xie Yingsheng just wants to be a white lotus。
Xie Yun was stunned。He really didn’t think so,Because in his heart,grandfather,Xie Yingsheng,Has always been a very negative person。Never thought he was better。
“I came back at five,Always outside,Nor kiss my grandpa。My grandfather,Not very close,Only has deep feelings for Xie Yingmao,I often ask Xie Yingmao to go fishing and chess or something。He lives alone,Don’t interact with juniors,Family gathering is just a meal.”Xie Yunchu thinks,Not too possible,Because Xie Yingsheng really looks,Not treating Xie Yingmao with false feelings and concealing evil intentions。
Baby Ou waved his hand,“I just opened my mind,Talking。that,What’s the matter with the traitor??”
Xie Yun sighed,“This is the key.”
“My grandpa’s family is gone,Later my father was sent over,Although not adopted,But Xie’s basically defaulted,My father has inherited the incense of my grandpa。you know too,It was messy for a while,No one dares to ask for these ancient books, calligraphy and painting,That Zou family was defeated at that time,And then,They testify that my grandpa is a traitor。I also said that the Xie family got those ancient books, calligraphy and painting。”
Xie Yunchu said this,Rub your fingers,“What kind of situation was it at that time?,I don’t know。But at that time, more than a dozen elders in Xie’s family were locked up.,More than ten years later, one person came out alive,But less than a year out,It’s gone。That person is the grandfather of Xie Jian。That’s why we gave Xie Jian extra special treatment before,Not only because of his talent for color discrimination。”
“But even if so many people from Xie’s family were taken away,Bite to death and say those things have been sent abroad,My grandpa is there。Did not show anything。Since then,My grandpa became a traitor,Never come back to death。Since my father inherited the incense of my grandfather.Literati mouth,Are all poisoned.”
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Six Method
“My father became the little traitor in the mouth of the Xie family,If it weren’t for Xie Yingmao’s arrogance,,My father hasn’t had a chance to come back yet.”
But after coming back,The whole family was almost wiped out。
Ou Baobao took Xie Yun’s hand,This is really too much food。How good is your life,Haven’t worked hard to become a rich man yet,Just worry about calculating others,Is it full?.