“of course it’s true!Could I make up this to lie to you?If you don’t believe me, ask my mom if it’s true。”

Yanzi’s nonchalant answer。
“Yes,I really picked your Aunt Yanzi from the trash can,This is not a joke。”
Du Xiaoyan said with a wry smile。
“But Yuer,Do you see anyone in our family looked down on me??”
Swallow asked again。
Xiao Yuer shook her head and said。
“Yes,So you too,If you are afraid of being looked down upon,I should be more afraid of being looked down upon than you,Because you were picked back from Li Hai’s house,When picking you,You are a beautiful little princess!And i am not;When I was picked up by my mother from the trash can,I’m no different from a bag of garbage。”
Yanzi said seriously。
Yanzi’s personality is much more cheerful now than before,When Qin Liang first collected it,,That’s a high cold!I might not hear her say a word for three days!But now it’s very different。One reason is because of Shen Ruoxue,Influence of Liu Xiaoyun and others。
And another more important reason is;She is not performing any killer missions now,And no longer alone,There are a group of little girls around,Reunited with Du Xiaoyan who had lost news for many years,Great changes in living environment,Naturally, it will have a great influence on her imperceptibly。
Actually Xiao Yuer is the same,It’s just that the time she came to Shen’s house is too short,In time,I have lived with everyone for a long time,Naturally, it will be influenced and assimilated by everyone,Good personality,Way of thinking,There will be changes in the way people see things,All she needs is time。