“Yeah,Princess Yun’s hands are getting tender,Feels so comfortable。”

Qin Liang firmly grasped Liu Xiaoyun’s two small hands,Started to molest her。
“Brother-in-law,Visible upstairs,Aren’t you afraid of death?”
Liu Xiaoyun pretended to be calm,In fact, she knew very well;It’s so late,Upstairs you can’t see where there is no light downstairs,Even she was standing in the yard just now,Not very far from the garden,I can’t see the scene in the garden clearly。
“I am afraid of everything,Just not afraid of death。Hehe……”Qin Liang said with a pleasant smile。
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The first thousand nine hundred and six chapters I’m lucky
? “Let’s not be so close, okay,I am afraid。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t play hard anymore,Have to say weakly。
“Afraid of?Here are you and me。”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。
“Do not……No way,I am afraid!”
Liu Xiaoyun is already struggling,Of course the movement is very small,Basically it’s just two hands exerting force。
“So be it,You just let me kiss you。”
Qin Liang said so,But I didn’t think so,He just teased Liu Xiaoyun。