When Mama Liu saw her daughter,I can’t wait to ask。

“mom,What time is this?You are too anxious……”
Liu Rushi is speechless,Since she told Mother Liu about going out with Qin Liang last night,Mother Liu couldn’t sit still,It’s as if it’s her who is going out with Qin Liang, not her daughter。
“Just go out and have fun,Don’t hurry back,Not to worry about me。”
Mama Liu ignored her daughter’s words,Selfish。
“Oops mom……”
Liu Rushi doesn’t know what happened to her mother,I usually control myself extremely tightly,Not allowed to go anywhere,But as soon as I get to Qin Liang,,Attitude is a big change of 180 degrees immediately,No matter where Qin Liang takes himself,She doesn’t care about it or not,I want to take myself away and don’t come back……
You don’t like Qin Liang so much, right??
“What’s the matter?That’s my future uncle,You don’t hang out with him,Who do you want to hang out with?”
Mother Liu replied unceremoniously to her daughter。
“I didn’t say not to go out with him……The issue is;Are you a bit too eccentric??When he is away,I am your boa,As soon as he appears,Am I right now??Really……”
Liu Rushi dug her mouth and began to vent her dissatisfaction。
“Do i have?Do you think too much?Silly girl……Damn,You have made breakfast,So hardworking,I started washing my face and gargle。”
Mother Liu said something perfunctory,Strayed immediately。
The second girl has complained to her more than once,But every time she chose not to answer her daughter’s question directly,Her hard work,Daughter won’t understand……
Liu Rushi’s mother was when Liu Rushi was very young,Was betrayed by her father,So she has been relying on her meager income,Raise Liu Rushi to grow up,Long-term hard work,Coupled with the inner distress and trauma,The pain that caused Liu Rushi’s mother to fall。
Okay,With age,Liu Rushi became more and more pure and lovely,Slim,In the end, it became a beautiful face,The charming and moving beauty。
This makes Mother Liu who regard her as her entire life,Finally got a sense of pride and satisfaction。
From then on Liu Rushi became her all hope,And the only reason to live。