Only then did Peng Changyi realize that what he said made Shen Fang angry,He quickly turned around,Chong Shen Fang Zuoyi,Said:“Sorry,forget it。”

Shen Fang stared and said:“You already said,How can you be like you?”
See Peng Changyi,I’m going to get into a fight soon,I hurried to accompany the smiling face,Nodded and said:“Sorry,Just as i fart,Alright,I don’t pay attention,Annoyed you,I apologize。”
“Hee hee。”Maybe my father’s actions are too exaggerated,Nana next to her secretly laughed。
Peng Changyi realized that his daughter was nearby,He straightened up immediately,Said to Nana:“what’s so funny,Let’s not hurry up to eat?”
Nana covering her mouth,Turn your head and leave。
Peng Changyi followed Nana and went out,Shen Fang wanted to let him in,Help find a car,Transport some valuables to your natal home,See him leaving,Said in a hurry:“and many more。I have nothing to say?”
Peng Changyi is standing in the yard,Said:“what’s up?”
“You have to find me a car,Some things have to be taken away。”
Peng Changyi said:“Didn’t you call the moving company??”
Shen Fang said:“I called the moving company,But i don’t use their car,They are only responsible for moving things out for me,If you use a car,Double the cost。”
This is Shen Fang,Big is not too small,Just say:“Row,I arrange it,Wait at home tomorrow。”
Peng Changyi said,About to leave,Shen Fang said again:“and many more。”
Peng Changyi stop,Look at her,Said:“What else?”
Shen Fang,Said:“It’s better to take back what you just said in the room。”
Peng Changyi said:“What did I say?”
Shen Fang said:“It’s you apologizing to me。”
Peng Changyi frowned,He didn’t understand。
Shen Fang flushed,Said:“It’s just what you said I’m looking for one after another。”