Ding Yi said:“Apart from going home tomorrow, there is also something about the agreement,I won’t listen to anything else,You said it for nothing。”

Jiang Fan felt that Ding Yi knew what he wanted to say,But he still said:“I want to buy a house,May still live in the military compound……”
“That’s your business。”Ding Yi said coldly。
Jiang Fan said half of his words,Was interrupted by Ding Yi,He laughed mockingly,No more。
At the door,Jiang Fan parked the car,I just wanted to go down and open the door for Ding Yi,I saw Ding opened the door early in the morning and went out,Walked quickly into the alley without looking back,After Jiang Fan got off the bus,Also walked inside,But see Ding Yi opened the door,Walked in,then“Bang”Bang,Close the door from inside,Jiang Fan just walked to the door,Almost missed his forehead。
Jiang Fan took out the key,Just want to insert the keyhole,Thought for a while,He stopped again。He made her angry today,He doesn’t want to anger her again,tomorrow,They have to go home together,In order to ensure a smooth home tomorrow,He gave up,Turn around and walk back,Because he has some understanding of Ding Yi’s deep temper,Don’t dare to use her strong,The bruise on his wrist made him feel very self-blaming。
He returned to the car,By the roof lights,He saw clearly the passbook she put on the seat,This passbook is the one he gave to Lu Yuan on the wine table,He knew that Ding Yi put this on his car on purpose,He picked it up,took a look,Shook his head,Put it in my bag。
As long as she goes home with herself tomorrow,There is time on the road to talk about them。
Early next morning,Jiang Fan drove the car again,Came to the courtyard of the old house in Xicheng,He parked the car,I bought breakfast on the way,Took out Lu Yuan’s key,Walked in。
Maybe Ding Yi is ready,She got up long ago,When Jiang Fan went in,She is upstairs。
“I bought it early,Come down and eat。”Jiang Fan shouted upstairs。
After a while,Ding Yi dressed neatly and walked down,she says:“you eat,I have already eaten。”
Jiang Fan knew she couldn’t eat,Just say:“If you didn’t eat it,I advise you to eat some,Don’t forget we are going to the hospital to see patients,Visiting patients for lunch is not on time,It’s also for one or two points,It’s possible to eat at three or four,also,Don’t be so alert,I won’t poison you。”
Ding Yi heard what he said,I feel Jiang Fan makes sense,She thought about it,Said something:“Eat just eat。”Talking,sit down,Pick up a fried dough stick and put it in your mouth,Took a big bite。