“Nick,Louis,Later you two will play,We play three-back system!”Frank said。

Wander to the end,I now completely lower the height,Outside shooting。
You guard?
I see what you can guard against!
Not so preventable!
“what?Lakers lineup.Coach Frank, is this now on sale??Three-back system!”FromESPN’S commentary with a surprised look。
“Use running and bombing to deal with defense?Really a good way,But this is tantamount to abandoning all your defenses!”
Three guards or Nick·Yang He Luwei.This is also a fart!
Quinn·Schneider’s eyes lit up。
He is not afraid of running and bombing tactics,What he has to do is to suppress the evil trend of running and bombing!
“Take this opportunity,Strengthen offense,Take them away in one wave!”
Pause back,Xu Xuan waved his hand to Yang Shaoxia’s three-pointer,The rebound was protected by Gobert。
Pick and roll,Jazz offense is handed over to Gobert’s basket。
Gobert has few offensive methods,Mostly under the basket,He chose to roll over for the layup。
Yi Jianlian gives interference,But the effect is not obvious,Gobert’s physical condition is really good,Long arms and legs,Stretch out,It’s too difficult to completely limit。