First518chapter No reason
Huajing Suburb,The physical model monitor built by Shanhai Net.Inside the prison,At this time there is a flood of people。
This prison.Prison is based on actual prison.The prison is built one by one,It was done at the beginning《Gift in Room 7》after that,No longer use。
But before《Gift in Room 7》When it’s hot,Many people found here,Take pictures outside。
I want to pay to go in and see,Were rejected by the company’s property management staff。
Till now ushered in《Yue Prison》Crew。
Although no one is inside,However, the property management and cleaning companies have maintained the frequency of repair and cleaning in the past few months,《Yue Prison》When the crew arrived here,Monitor here.Everywhere in the prison is clean。
Whether in the room or the corridor outside、Open space etc.,All so。
only,Xin Changkong is still in a bad mood。
In the temporary office,He can be heard from far away。
“I asked you to choose an actor for me,Good actors,What kind of scum did you choose for me!?”Xin Changkong yelled at the person in front of him:“I want a vicious person,I want people who are unruly,I want the kind of people who look restless,What did you choose for me?what?Are you making an idol drama??!”
The person scolded by Xin Changkong,Is the upper part《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》The casting director Zhong Liang is working with。
Zhong Liang has been in this business for more than ten years,Is a veteran。