Shen Ruoxue whispered in a very embarrassing voice……

“Sorry everyone,My junior sister and I are on a whim at night,Learned Kung Fu here,Excuse me, take a break,sorry!Let’s say goodbye,Everyone hurry up and go to rest。”
Yang Zhi hurriedly said something to the people around,Then she pulled Shen Ruoxue and ran away,I kept running into the building of the inpatient department before standing up and letting go Shen Ruoxue。
“Sorry, Xiaoxue,I visited you just now,I haven’t seen when there are so many people around。”
Yang Zhi didn’t say anything,I apologized to Shen Ruoxue first。
“It’s not your fault……Why are you apologizing to me。”
Shen Ruoxue said with a wry smile。
“and also!I didn’t take advantage of you just now!I think you are going to fall,That’s why I hugged you……Don’t be angry!I apologize to you!”
Yang Zhi anxiously apologized,But made Shen Ruoxue amused!
“Why do you have to apologize to me for everything?!”
Shen Ruoxue asked with a smile。
She is a smart girl with ice and snow,Did Yang Zhi deliberately take advantage of her just now? Can she not count??So she didn’t mean to blame Yang Zhi at all,But being apologized by Yang Zhi,She felt embarrassed。
Yang Zhi doesn’t know what to say next,At this moment, the two people have taken the elevator back to the floor where the Yuer ward is located.。
“You haven’t told me the most important thing,What is the level of my kung fu right now??”
Once out of the elevator,Shen Ruoxue couldn’t wait to ask Yang Zhi。