“No way,I’ll go with you tomorrow,I see what that kid has become,Are you qualified to chase my sister?。”

Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Why are you going to our class reunion??Besides, I’m not going on a blind date。”
Lu Yuan said:“I am teasing you,You’ve grown up,Not when I was in school,Don’t need my protection。”
“who said it,I always need your protection,Don’t think about picking up。”Ding Yi said。
“Why don’t you let me go if you need my protection?”
“You were going to beat him like a ferocious man,He will definitely have a mental disorder when he sees you,I guess if you go,Will scare him off again。”
“Ha ha,I dont go,He don’t run,Just don’t play too late。”
“I don’t know what it is,I rarely attend class reunions,Who knows his name this time?”
At this moment,Dad and Aunt Qiao came out of the study,Dad said with a smile:“Little one will have a party tomorrow。”
“Is a date not a party。”Lu Yuan said。
Du Lei took a strand of wool out,Put it on Lu Yuan’s hands,Said:“You tamper with the words,I heard it all,It’s a reunion。”
“Does this make a difference?Our class reunion,It gradually became a date between classmates,At the end of the appointment, there will be a divorce,Female classmates come together to talk about her husband and children,Male classmates come together to complain,Show off,Boring。”Lu Yuan said。
Ding Yi smiled,Say:“I just listen to you,So I attended a high school reunion,There is another college reunion,Still waiting for allocation,The rest never participated again。”