“I can say that,You shouldn’t agree。”

“I said Miss,Why do you only allow state officials to set fire,Do not allow people to order.Light a cigarette?”
Ye Tong couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Don’t talk about lighting up,I don’t allow you to have matches!”
Peng Changyi said patiently:“it is good,it is good,What do you do?I’m really waiting for a very important call。”
“Come see me,I’m at the Golden Shield Hotel。”
“what? What,Where are you?”Peng Changyi did not hear clearly。
“I’m at the Golden Shield Hotel,Followed by the provincial funeral reform supervision team,I happened to attend your live meeting here。Believe it now?”Ye Tong said proudly。
Peng Changyi believed her,Said:“Led by the province,I dare not go。”
“If you dare not come,I’ll go to the work unit to find you。”Ye Tong threatened。
“I’m having something,So busy,when are you leaving?”
“Tomorrow afternoon。”
“Ok,I will see you tomorrow。”
“No way,I will wait for you tonight。”Hung up after speaking。
Peng Changyi looked at his watch,Ding Yi’s call hasn’t come yet。He came out,Deliberately left the door open,Turn the volume on the back of the phone to maximum,Came to the party committee meeting room,They want to hold a meeting of team members,Is for tomorrow’s live meeting。
For tomorrow’s live meeting,They studied some details carefully,And pay close attention to the development of each village,Prevent people from burials and petitions during the on-site meeting,Police have been set up along the way。During the meeting,The phone rang several times,After he ran out, it was not Ding Yi’s phone number,I feel a little angry。I thought you girl was too self-righteous,Not only don’t you ask someone to discuss such a big move,I didn’t even return the call?Really good。
Until the end of the team meeting,Ding Yi didn’t answer the call,Peng Changyi was very angry,I want to call Wen Qingxuan to inquire about the situation,Just dialed,I came in when I saw Liu Zhong,He wants to put on the phone,But Wen Qingxuan has already fed,He had to change his mouth temporarily,Said:“Wen Ju,I am Peng Changyi,I want to ask if our TV station will send reporters to participate in the live conference here tomorrow.?”
Wen Qingxuan said:“Must attend,People are coming from the provincial media and the city media,Let’s participate even more,And arranged the whole video,Please rest assured, Director Peng。”For Peng Changyi, a rising star in politics,Wen Qingxuan is very polite。