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Do you want to tell everyone individually??
Song Min started to hesitate。Thanks to Zhuang Sheng,She has no friends now,Except for Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang who was added later,Then parents。And the parents,She hasn’t contacted them for a long time,Because she never wanted to let her parents know her current miserable situation。She really doesn’t want her parents to do it for her
Worried。Hesitated for a long time,Song Min thinks she can leave a message to her parents,Lest they worry,Sad,But Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi thought she should leave them a few words,After all, they are taking great risks,Together they rescued themselves from Zhuang Sheng’s cave!This kindness
She can’t pay it back。Only when the next life has a chance to repay。
So she quietly and calmly left a message for Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang,She knew Qin Liang was out of town,Shen Ruoxi doesn’t know where her family lives,So even if the two of them know their choice,They have no chance to save themselves。So I can leave without worry。
But she doesn’t know;Qin Liang has returned,And Yang Shiyun’s home is not far from her home……
Finished this last thing,Song Min turned off the machine,Then I opened red wine,Started to drink。She needs to give herself a little courage,To strengthen my belief in death。A bitter, far-fetched smile appeared on Song Min’s face。
Qin Liang just and Yang Shiyun“Affection”Finish,Holding Yang Shiyun contentedly and chatting with Yang Shiyun。
The phone alert sounds。
“Who,Sending a message so late?Is this sick??”
Qin Liang said casually,He thought it was Yang Shiyun’s phone ringing……