This dunk is simple and straightforward,Not messy at all。

The Lakers lead,Xu Xuan got the opening streak5Minute。
D’Antoni hesitated,No timeout,The situation is still under control,and,He believes in Harden,Will be able to handle it。
This ball mosaic passes a wave of screens,Let Harden find an opportunity to misplace,Singles Yi Jianlian caused a foul,Two free throws,Tie the score5ratio5level。
Xu Xuan patted Yi Jianlian on the shoulder,Comfort him。
Yi Jianlian’s face is a bit ugly,He was already careful and careful in the defense just now,But Harden still found a chance。
“Nothing,This is how this guy plays,You see how the fans boo him and it’s over。”Xu Xuan said with a smile。
The voice has not fallen,The fans over there seem to have a clear heart with him,Directly sent a violent boo。
Yi Jianlian’s face looks better now。
I don’t know how many people in the league have suffered from Harden losses,This is also the reason why the relationship between others has not been very good,Everyone can’t understand his way of playing。
The game continues,Lakers’ baseline ball。
Yi Jian Lian sent,To Xu Xuan。
Dribble past half,No pick and roll,Still singles Harden。
Harden, defending Xu Xuan, tightened his muscles as if he were on the verge of an enemy,Keep your eyes on the basketball flying up and down in Xu Xuan’s hands。
Xu Xuan moved。