Wilkins seems to be back to the top in this game,Rich scoring means show off his arsenal like the Lakers。28Minute11Backboard4Assist2Steal2Superstar performance of blocked shots,Brought the No. 1 Lakers in the West to the undefeated crown。

Vernon-Maxwell22Minute,He hits4Three points。Little General and Elliott didn’t have much performance.,But this is not important to the Spurs anymore。
This game also exposed the Lakers, the first flaw in the Western Conference, to all teams.,Next schedule,How will the Lakers be targeted??
Chapter Fifty Seven Take Clippers
1996year11month14day,Early morning4point,Los Angeles Toyota Center,Lakers Training Hall。
“Bang,Bang,Bang。”The rhythmic sound of basketball, the empty stadium,A thin figure is practicing shooting in the arena。
Kobe remembers,The last morning training was the last life。
Why do you train in the early morning,Because he wants to complete the first training of the day while Vanessa and his children sleep。
When they get up they can see Kobe,This is Kobe’s happiness。
Kobe would rather sacrifice his sleep time,I don’t want to sacrifice time with my family。
Kobe misses his family a bit。I don’t know Vanessa and their children,How are you doing?
Will be fine?There will be a lot of people helping them through difficult days。
“Hi,Kobe!This for you。”O’Neill came to the training hall in the afternoon,This is the training time set by the team,He took out a black box and handed it to Kobe。