The current situation completely overlaps with the precious memory in the memory,I’m so excited,Could it be that I have a chance to play with my ex-girlfriend again?

I came to the dormitory of classmate Li Wei with a sense of anxiety,Is there such a thing,Will be verified immediately。
Our apartment is newly built,We are among the first households,The school allocates beds according to the time of admission,So our classmates are scattered in several apartments,Per apartment3Dormitory,Per dormitory4Beds,Fortunately, people who live in the same apartment are all professionals,So relatively familiar。
I entered school late,Be assigned to live in6floor,Most families in this era are still not financially rich,Everyone will give priority to ordinary dormitories,So our apartment12Only occupied4people。
Li Wei’s dormitory is in3floor,Fortunately he is still,Watched me walk in barely,Like a monkey,A few hanging hairs don’t care about my feelings,Haha laughed!
I said hello to them,But reborn,I have a sense of superiority in front of them,Disapproval:“Stop making fun of me,I’ll dress my buddies all over!My door was closed by the wind。”
Li Wei quickly found me clothes,I hurriedly replaced,Because if it really follows the path in memory,,Zhou Qingxue will be here soon。
Suit up,I looked in the mirror,This dress is on me,It’s so funny,My height167,Very thin,Li Wei’s height175,body weight130jin,My waist is twice as scared as mine,The clothes are on my body,Really too big,No wonder Zhou Qingxue saw me like a treasure。
I lifted my pants,Find a belt in their dormitory,But no one is superfluous,I can only find a rope in the dormitory to tie my pants around my waist and use it as a belt.,This funny scene,Don’t say it’s them,Even I couldn’t help but laughed out a pig cry!
I’m sure I’m born again,But I don’t know when it was born again,So tentatively asked:“How many years and months is today?”
Li Wei put the desk calendar on his desk in my hand:“Are you confused when you sleep?,Today is2001year10month14number,See for yourself!”
“really,In the year I was just in college!I’m born again2001year!”I thought with excitement:“Since life has started again,I will live this life,To live a wonderful life。”
two、The Unchangeable Family Ding Ming
“Zhou Yushan!Is Zhou Yushan there??Is it convenient to come in?”
The girl’s shout suddenly came from outside the door,The sound is as beautiful as a yellow warbler,Intoxicating,Also interrupted my thoughts!
Li Wei responded:“Convenience,Please come in!”