“Hey,Gu Dao,Hello。”

“Classmate Lu,Hello。”
“We probably understand what you mean,Say so,I personally prefer to participate in this show,But i have a few thoughts,If these ideas can be recognized,We are willing to accept the invitation。”
Lu Yuxin said directly。
Very clear attitude,If you can agree, we will go,If you can’t agree,No need to waste each other’s time。
“Oh,Student Lu can talk about it。”
“the first,I suggest that the sixth season of the Brain Kings Tournament be broadcast live rather than recorded。In fact, the biggest problem with burning brains is that many viewers question whether there is a shady problem in the game.,And live broadcast can eliminate doubt to the greatest extent,Now let’s see if the show crew has the courage。”
“Ok?Student Lu may not know the game system of the most powerful brain……”
“Do not,Gu Dao,I actually know。But what can be used in the actual finals that do not take a long time,But it can truly reflect the player’s ability。And live broadcast has an unmatched advantage,As long as you play well,Can bring out the tension on the scene to the greatest extent,And to the greatest extent it can attract many questioning old viewers back to the TV。Of course the most important thing is,Wang Yufei and I are not willing to participate in a mental program that has too many questions。”
The other party did not immediately answer,But after pondering for a moment,Open road:“What about the second?”
Lu Yuxin continued:“second,Is to change the format in the last final。”
“Change the format?”
Director Gu on the other end of the phone pondered for a long time,Open road:“Student Lu, please tell me carefully。”
“Very simple,Introduce the mechanism of kicking the stadium in the final Brain King Contest。In other words, during the live broadcast,If anyone thinks that during the finals,The performance of the Chinese team and the international team is not satisfactory,Then he can press the kick button,And personally。”
“of course,During the live broadcast,The program group can put extremely high demands on the people playing in the stadium。Such as the same topic,If both the Chinese team and the international team have answered correctly,,Some people still choose to play,Then as a kicker,Not only have to be all right,It takes less time,For example, it only takes half the time to give him priority,Or double the difficulty,Give more restrictions, etc.。”
The phone was silent again for a while,Just asked:“Although unlikely,But if the kicker can do it,And the final score is the highest?”