Liu Shao frowned,The hands in the trouser pockets have been pinched together,My heart is full of anger,This woman is actually speaking for that kid,To favor each other。

“You should know my mind,I don’t allow you to be with other men。”
“Ha ha!”Mengdie’s disdainful look,“Master Liu,I have already said,It doesn’t fit between us,So don’t waste time with me,not to mention,Is it not easy for your Liu family to find a daughter-in-law??”
got rejected?
I saw a big joke around,The dignified Young Master Liu,Was rejected when she confessed。
If rejected by others,I’ll laugh at that woman’s short-sightedness,But this woman is Mengdie,Mr. Mu in the fight,That’s another matter。
“how,Should a man hide behind a woman??”Liu Shao said it’s not a dream butterfly,Turning to look at Xia Chenglong beside。
Xia Chenglong was a bit wronged,He just talks to each other normally,I didn’t expect someone to come to him。
“You can leave after apologizing for your behavior,There is no hostile relationship between us。”
Liu Shao smiled,There are people in the world who dare to make him apologize,But not this guy。
One foot on the chair,Finger pointing down:“You want me to apologize,Give you two choices,Either beat me,Or get in from here。”
“Puff ha ha ha ha!”The guys around were laughing and laughing。
obviously,This is where**Naked provocation,If Xia Chenglong drilled it,Then some play。
It’s hard to save someone,But wanting to kill someone is too easy for Xia Chenglong,This guy is asking for trouble again and again,Already irritating him。