Wang Honggang walked to the warehouse gate,The old housekeeper stopped walking with knowledge and interest,Report to him softly。

Today is the trading time agreed by Wang Hong and Li Gan。
Although most of this world is for evening banquets,But the main purpose of the other party,It still depends on the color of the whole body nail sample,So it’s more appropriate to switch to noon。
Li Gan sends someone to say hello early,Is to remind him to take the sample to Qinghe Garden。
“Got it,You go get me some breakfast。”
Wang Hong sent the old butler away,I walked into the warehouse quickly,Then I can’t wait to return to Earth Star。
Chapter Twenty Eight Storage bags
The seal was originally a method of overseas immortal monks,But as the warriors came into contact with research,After reaching the innate state,Warriors can also be sealed by innate zhenqi。
Although this reluctantly applied seal,Far less solid than the seal of the immortal monk,But there are some unique magical effects。
such as,When the seal is forcibly destroyed,People who practice the same internal skills,There will be induction within a certain range,So as to achieve the effect of positioning。
When certain special qi escapes,Will spontaneously penetrate into the bodies of surrounding organisms,Adhered to their lungs。
This thin innocence,Although it cannot cause actual harm,But it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it after entering the body。
Through this technique,People who practice the same internal skills,Follow the unique breath,Pursuing the person who stole the storage bag。
True Qi that enters the body of others,Like water without a source,It won’t last long and it will dissipate automatically。