Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“You said you want a tutor for your child?”

Shen Fang said:“Yes,what happened?Her test results were not satisfactory,I went to the teacher,If the teacher says nothing, please ask her for a tutor?”
“What’s wrong?How bad is she?”Peng Changyi’s voice is higher。
“The teacher didn’t say anything,Anyway, the last two exams were not satisfactory。I also want to ask her for a tutor,Several children in their class have invited tutors。”
Peng Changyi said:“Ask a tutor from now on,Will affect children’s independent learning,She will rely on thoughts,Will be more inattentive in class。This is my opinion,I don’t agree to ask a tutor。Take time to talk with the teacher,See her math because she didn’t pass the exam,Ask a tutor before you understand the situation,It’s a mess!”
“I just talked to the teacher before asking her for a tutor。”Shen Fang is a bit anxious。
Peng Changyi said:“I said let you talk in detail,See where she is。If it’s as she said,Just sloppy,I don’t think there is any need to ask a tutor。As long as you concentrate,Stare more at homework,Just be serious,No need to hire a tutor。”
“I said,Peng Changyi,Are you unwilling to pay the money??”Shen Fang said。
Peng Changyi feels that communicating with Shen Fang is indeed painful,I suppressed my anger and said:“I am on my daughter,Never calculated economic accounts,You know better than anyone!I object to tutoring,All for her good,Didn’t you see others please your eyes again?。”
“You fart!Why do I have hot eyes?”Shen Fang is still unreasonable。
“Then you just watch,Ask her to be serious when doing homework。”Peng Changyi is getting a little impatient。
“I said she wouldn’t listen?”Shen Fang is still arguing。
“Why doesn’t she listen?It must be that you didn’t pay attention to methods。”Peng Changyi knows Shen Fang too much,She speaks with accusations and lessons,The child will be rebellious after listening to it for a long time。
“She always listens to you and doesn’t listen to me,Do you need to ask??”Shen Fang always has something to say。
Peng Changyi said:“Then why don’t you review yourself,Why don’t children listen to you?also,She just listened to me,I can’t stay with her every day,You still have to find ways to make your children listen to you。”