Not much cash inside,There is no certificate to confirm the owner’s information。Huge crowd,How can she return it to others??

When she closed her wallet,Vaguely see a piece of white paper exposed in the interlayer,Then carefully took out the paper,Open it,There are simple two lines written on it。
“I like you”
“me too”
Because of the vintage,The paper is slightly yellowed,The handwriting is also a little fuzzy,But even so,The rough outline is still clearly visible。
Familiar content,Junxiu’s handwriting,Make her startled suddenly。The hand holding the note trembled slightly,How could she not know,That’s Shen Siyan’s handwriting,Is the handwriting of a person who will never forget。
This wallet,It’s not a coincidence,Really his!Then why does he keep it?
This night,Yan Mo is destined to sleepless.
Chapter Twenty Seven nearIV
Next day
“Momo,Help me organize the content of the recording and send it to me,Remember to be fast,I’d better send the text to me tomorrow morning。”Chen Xi threw the recorder in her hand to Yan Mo。
Before she turned and walked into the office,Smiling,“yesterday,thank you。”
Yan Mo realized,Stop her after a second:“Sister Chen Xi.”
She stopped,Look back,Puzzled:“what happened?”