[How to make delicious beef jerky]_ beef jerky _ how to make _ practice Daquan


[How to make delicious beef jerky]_ beef jerky _ how to make _ practice Daquan

Beef jerky is a favorite snack of many friends. Because beef jerky is rich in protein and very little aunt, so don’t worry about gaining weight if you eat more.

It is not difficult to make good beef jerky, but it requires manual interruption because the steps will be tedious and need to be done carefully.

In production step 1, the thickness of the beef slices is determined by yourself.

Dried red peppers are chopped into small pieces, lightly sliced, and ginger cut into slices.

Take a small bowl and pour raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar into juice.

(Old soy: raw soy: cooking wine 3: 2: 3).

2. Pour the cut beef slices into a bowl and soak them in water for one hour to fully remove the blood and the fishy smell.

After soaking, drain the blood and squeeze out the water from the beef slices. I squeezed it by hand.

After squeezing, add the chopped green onions and ginger, cooking wine, a small amount of salt, and marinate for 30 minutes.

3. Pour the oil into the pot. Add 50% hot pepper and pepper to fry when hot.

Reduce to low heat and pour in marinated beef slices.

A lot of water will come out during the frying process, and this water should be drained.

Continue to fry over low heat and be sure to fry the moisture.

This step is critical!

4. After the beef slices are fried and dried, pour the prepared seasoning sauce into the pan and continue to stir-fry until there is no soup.

Sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds, and cumin if you like.


Can be eaten as a snack.

The dry red peppers at home are very spicy, and you can add spicy peppers to call the spicy beef jerky.